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Refugee Data and Gender

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Refugee Data and Gender

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Sağnıç, Şevin Gülfer (2024). Refugee Data and Gender. UC San Diego Library Digital Collections.


This dataset is a review of datasets on refugees from countries in all the populated continents. It includes 67 datasets in total, covering the time period of 1852 to 2021. The datasets are reviewed based on the variables they offer, data collection agency, if the data was on the refugees that arrive in a country or if it is on asylum application data, region that the data covers, the period that the data covers, and frequency (annual, quarterly, monthly, etc...). In addition, there is information on whether the data was broken down by country of origin and nationality, country of asylum, gender, age, a child/women dichotomous category, age group, and if women and children were lumped.

Date Collected
  • 2019 to 2021
Date Issued
  • 2024


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