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The Cross-Surfzone/Inner-shelf Dye Exchange (CSIDE) Study

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The Cross-Surfzone/Inner-shelf Dye Exchange (CSIDE) Study

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Grimes, Derek J.; Feddersen, Falk; Giddings, Sarah N. (2021). The Cross-Surfzone/Inner-shelf Dye Exchange (CSIDE) Study. UC San Diego Library Digital Collections.


Understanding the role of surf-zone and inner-shelf processes in the fate of shoreline released tracers is critical to predicting coastal water quality and minimizing the human health impacts from point source pollution. During the NSF-funded Cross-Surfzone/Inner-shelf Dye Exchange (CSIDE) study, 2-surf-zone tracer releases conducted in Imperial Beach, CA and 1 Tijuana River/Estuary mouth release during ebb-tide were observed over relatively large scales (>1km, >5h) using a suite of in situ and remote sensing instrumentation. Tracer evolution was affected by multiple overlapping processes, such as rip-currents, internal waves, and tides, illustrating the complexity of tracer evolution in the nearshore (surfzone+inner-shelf) region.

Date Collected
  • 2015
Date Issued
  • 2021
Principal Investigator
Co Principal Investigator

Experiment funded under the CSIDE grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF OCE-1459389), with graduate student researcher funding provided through the NSF-GRFP.



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    Primary associated publication

    • Grimes, D. J., Feddersen, F., & Giddings, S. N. (2021). Long-distance/time surf-zone tracer evolution affected by inner-shelf tracer retention and recirculation. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 126, e2021JC017661.
    • Grimes, D. J., Feddersen, F., Giddings, S. N., & Pawlak, G. (2020). Cross-Shore Deformation of a Surfzone-Released Dye Plume by an Internal Tide on the Inner Shelf, Journal of Physical Oceanography, 50(1), 35-54.

    Referenced by

    • Pendergraft MA, Grimes DJ, Giddings SN, Feddersen F, Beall CM, Lee C, Santander MV, Prather KA. 2021. Airborne transmission pathway for coastal water pollution. PeerJ 9:e11358.