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SWellEx-96 Experiment Acoustic Data

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SWellEx-96 Experiment Acoustic Data

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Booth, Newell O.; Hodgkiss, William S.; Ensberg, David E. (2015). SWellEx-96 Experiment Acoustic Data. UC San Diego Library Digital Collections.


The SWellEx-96 Experiment was conducted between May 10 and 18, 1996, approximately 12 km from the tip of Point Loma near San Diego, California. Acoustic sources, towed from the R/V Sproul, transmitted various broadband and multitone signals at frequencies between 50 and 400 Hz. The acoustic sensors deployed in SWellEx-96 include a vertical line array (VLA) and a tilted line array (TLA), deployed by the FLoating Instrument Platform (R/P FLIP), and two horizontal line arrays (HLA) known as the All Optical Deployable System (AODS) installed on the seafloor and distinguished as northern and southern HLA's.

Details regarding the transmitted and received acoustic signals for two source tow events known as Event S5 and Event S59 are contained in this data set. Event S5 is a source tow along an isobath devoid of loud interferers. Event S59 is a similar source tow along an isobath but with a loud interferer - a nearby surface ship - present throughout the duration of the event.

Scope And Content

Details regarding the acoustic signals for the two source tow events can be found within the collection items entitled, "Event S5" and "Event S59". GPS data for the sources is also available for download within those items. Array parameters can be found in the collection item, "Array Parameters", and waveguide parameters and CTD data can be found in the collection item, "Environment Data (1996-05-10 to 1996-05-18)".


Most of the contents of this collection were generously provided by Jim Murray, formerly of the Marine Physical Lab.

Questions or comments regarding this data should be directed to Dave Ensberg.

Date Collected
  • 1996-05-10 to 1996-05-18
Date Issued
  • 2015
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