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EarthCube User Scenario Collection

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Date Issued
  • 2019
Date Collected
  • 2015-05-01 to 2016-09-01
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Stocks, Karen I.; Schramski, Sam; Virapongse, Arika; Kempler, Lisa (2019). EarthCube User Scenario Collection. UC San Diego Library Digital Collections.


This collection holds a set of 50 user scenarios collected from end-user scientists that detail the specific cyberinfrastructure (CI) challenges and barriers that those geoscientists experience. The scenarios were collected by the Use Case Working Group within the National Science Foundation-funded EarthCube geosciences cyberinfrastructure program. The purpose of the user scenarios was to understand the CI needs and priorities of the geosciences community. In interviews, geoscientists were asked to describe their research, and identify those parts that were difficult or impossible in a way that new or better CI could help. These user scenarios are structured, thorough, in-depth expressions of how each scientist does his or her work, and what the pain points are CI might be able to address.


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Scope And Content

The collection includes a set of 50 completed user scenarios, a matrix that summarizes the characteristics of these scenarios, the question template that was used, an annotated version of the template with instructions for its use, and a copy of the informed consent document used.

Related Publications

Stocks, KI, Schramski, S, Virapongse, A and Kempler, L. 2019. Geoscientists’ Perspectives on Cyberinfrastructure Needs: A Collection of User Scenarios. Data Science Journal, 18: 21, pp. 1–15. DOI:


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This work was supported by the National Science Foundation, under award ICER 1343813.