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Abraham A. Palmer Lab Research Data Collection

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Palmer, Abraham A. (2023). Abraham A. Palmer Lab Research Data Collection. UC San Diego Library Digital Collections.


We are interested in the relationship between genes and behavior. By identifying genes that influence behavior we hope to obtain fundamental mechanistic insights into the molecular basis of both health and disease. Our research uses mice, rats, and humans in pursuit of these goals.

A major focus of our work is on refining methods for genome-wide association studies (GWAS) in model organisms. Past efforts to identify chromosomal regions that are associated with behavioral and other traits have used intercrosses (F2s), recombinant inbred (RI) strains, and related populations to identify quantitative trait loci (QTLs). While quite successful, these approaches have been unable to map QTLs to intervals that are small enough to permit gene identification. This is because the parental chromosomes have not been sufficiently recombined, so haplotypes are extremely large. To address this problem, we have focused our efforts on populations with greater numbers of recombinations.

In this collection, we deposit large datasets that were produced and analyzed in Palmer Lab using Carworth Farms White (CFW) mice, advanced intercross line (AIL) mice, rats, and zebrafish. These datasets include behavioral data and physiological data, as well as links to the DNA, RNA, and omics data deposited to other repositories.

This collection excludes work performed in N/NIH heterogeneous stock (HS) outbred rats; for this work, see and the UC San Diego Library C-GORD collection (The Center for GWAS in Outbred Rats Database (C-GORD) at

Date Collected
  • 2006 to present
Date Issued
  • 2023
Principal Investigator

“Mechanisms that drive the variation of aversive behavior”. R01GM132500. (PI: Su Guo)

“The genetic basis for age-related hearing loss in outbred mice”. R01DC018566. (PI: Rick Friedman)

“Mouse QTL and Human Association Study of Methamphetamine Sensitivity”. R01DA021336 (2006-2010). (PI: Abraham Palmer)

“Systems genetic analysis of methamphetamine's motivational effects in a mouse AIL”. R01DA021336 (2011-2015). (PI: Abraham Palmer)

"Finding genes that cause QTL for fear learning and anxiety". R01MH079103. (PI: Abraham Palmer)

"Novel Methods to Map Stimulant QTLs in Advanced Intercross Lines". R21DA024845. (PI: Abraham Palmer)

“Genome-wide association studies in outbred mice”. R01GM097737. (PI: Abraham Palmer)

“Genome-wide association for affective withdrawal in outbred mice”. R15DA041618. (PI: Clarissa Parker)



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