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CAVEcam Virtual Reality Photography Collection

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Ainsworth, Richard A.; DeFanti, Thomas A.; Kuester, Falko; McFarland, Christopher; Saad, Adel; Sandin, Daniel J.; Wickham, Greg (2016). CAVEcam Virtual Reality Photography Collection. UC San Diego Library Digital Collections.


Digital cameras are used to capture images in full stereo surround for use in virtual reality systems. These images can cover any field of view, including 360° by 180° spherical panoramas. Two photographic cylinders are created with identical dimensions, capturing the perspective as seen from each eye position. When these cylinders are mapped to a spherical surface, full stereo in all directions is achieved. This technique allows photographic imaging to create the virtual environment itself. The complete stereo image that is created by this technique can be viewed in any direction that is supported by the virtual reality system design.

Creation Date
  • 2009 to 2016
Date Issued
  • 2016

NSF IGERT-TEECH Cultural Heritage Diagnostics 07/01/2010-06/30/2015 PI: Falko Kuester, Co-PIs: Maurizio Seracini, Thomas Levy

NSF The SCOPE Instrument 10/1/13-9/31/16 PI: Falko Kuester Co-PIs: Tom DeFanti, Jurgen Schulze, Tajana Rosing

The CISA3 World Cultural Heritage Society and the Kinsella Cultural Heritage Science Fund: Director: Falko Kuester

KACST Tourism 4/1/10-3/31/13 PI: Ramesh Rao, Project Leader: Tom DeFanti for Tourism



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    Primary associated publication

    • Ainsworth, R.A. Sandin, D.J., Schulze, J.P., Prudhomme, A., DeFanti, T., et. al., "Acquisition of stereo panoramas for display in VR environments", Proc. SPIE 7864, Three-Dimensional Imaging, Interaction, and Measurement, 786416 (January 27, 2011).
    • Neil Smith, Steve Cutchin, Robert Kooima, Richard Ainsworth, Daniel Sandin, Jurgen Schulze, Andrew Prudhomme, Falko Kuester, Thomas Levy and Thomas DeFanti, “Cultural Heritage Omni-Stereo Panoramas for Immersive Cultural Analytics –From the Nile to the Hijaz,” ISPA 2013, Trieste.