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Chronopolis Earns High Marks as a “Trustworthy Digital Repository” in Center for Research Libraries Audit

A Center for Research Libraries (CRL) audit has certified Chronopolis as a “trustworthy digital repository” that meets accepted best practices in the management of digital repositories.

The primary metrics used by CRL in its assessment are derived from the Trustworthy Repositories Audit Certification (TRAC).

The TRAC criteria includes organizational infrastructure, digital object management, technologies, technical infrastructure, and security. These criteria represent best current practices and thinking about the organizational and technological needs of trustworthy digital repositories.

The certification process involved three broad steps:

  1. The Chronopolis team completed a "self-audit," answering all of the questions posed in the TRAC document. This self-audit was sent to CRL, who used it as the basis for their work. The Chronopolis self-audit is available here.
  2. Next, CRL analyzed the Chronopolis network and the self-audit, including a site visit to talk to Chronopolis staff, and a number of interviews with Chronopolis users and stakeholders. Based on input from this work, the audit team and Chronopolis began an interactive phase, discussing changes and recommendations.
  3. CRL released the final audit report. This report is available on the CRL site here.

The Chronopolis team is very proud to have been certified as a Trustworthy Digital Repository. We see it as a important validation for the work we have been doing and a valuable guide for our future work. We would be more than happy to discuss our TRAC experience in detail. Feel free to contact us at chronopolis@ucsd.edu.

Also, please take a moment to review our services, and pricing. Contact us to start preserving your valuable data!

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