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September 2003 Minutes

Membership Meeting

September 16, 2003
2-4 p.m.
Seuss Room, Geisel Library


Present:  Leslie Abrams, Linda Barnhart, Mary Linn Bergstrom, Amy Butros, Ken Calkins, Marlayna Christensen, Penny Coppernoll-Blach, Elizabeth Cowell, Kathy Creely, Becky Culbertson, Tammy Dearie, Shi Deng, Luc Declerk, Sam Dunlap (Chair), Maureen Harden, Tony Harvell, James R. Jacobs, Susan Jurist, Deborah Kegel,  Christina Keil, Kari Lucas (Secretary), Sue McGuiness, Phyllis Mirsky,  Arvid Nelsen, Jen Parsons*, Alice Perez, Anne Prussing, Jenny Reiswig, Trish Rose, Alexandra Rosen Gagne*, Brian Schottlaender, Barbara Slater, Susan Starr, Nancy Stimson, Adolfo Tarango, Duffy Tweedy, Paul Weiss, Brad Westbrook, Ann Willard*, Jeff Williams, Victoria Williamson, Julie Yang, Shinjoung Yeo*, Marlo Young


1.  Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT Act) & other related topics with Brian Schottlaender. 

1. Will posting signs cause undue alarm? Schottlaender reminded LAUC-SD that there are a number of legal realities, in addition to the USA PATRIOT Act, that could force the UCSD Libraries to reveal patron information (e.g., circulation records, keystroke trapping, email from library, university and vendor systems, paper and electronic formats). However, the number of actual times the Libraries have been asked to reveal patron information is minimal.  A UCSD Libraries claim to a commitment to protect patron privacy does not mean it can completely and uniformly support that claim. Is posting a sign about only one of them a slippery slope to having to list all possible circumstances that could lead to patron information disclosure?

2. Local practice in regards to posting signs--Schottlaender consulted University legal counsel on this issue, reviewed university policy. As much as LAUC and LAUC-SD may want to take a position, it is ultimately governed by university policy. Following ARL’s lead, he does think posting signs on the building about the UCSD Libraries privacy policy is not a good idea. He believes the decision to post signs should be made UC wide and not based on local political climates.  Alternatively posting privacy policies on the UCSD Libraries' website is less likely to engender panic or concern.  UCOP has an existing privacy policy on the web but the Library probably needs to draft its own policy. The Library Web Site Committee could look at how to add this policy statement to the suite of library policies already available on the web site.

Another aspect of the issue is how long the UCSD Libraries keep patron information.  Marlayna Christensen, the designated privacy officer for the UCSD Libraries, was making an inventory of what patron information the UCSD Libraries keep and what it discards. Christensen is on leave. The UCSD Libraries do not want to wait for her to return to complete the Patron Information Inventory.

Jackie Hanson reported that she has been serving on a University task force to update campus subpoena processing procedures.  All subpoena servers are to be sent to the University Risk Management Office, Diane Olson, Director. There should be an electronic notice distributed soon about this.

Three other issues were noted: How should we inform patrons? How can we make sure we don’t keep info for any longer than is necessary? What to do when a personal concern becomes a professional concern?

LAUC-SD could take the lead in generating discussions on privacy across campus by holding a forum on this issue, inviting and involving people from outside the library, especially faculty who drafted the updated Academic Freedom policy

ACTION: Dunlap and Schottlaender will distribute a call for a privacy committee to be formed to outline goals and assign tasks to members.

 ACTION: Jackie Hanson will follow-up to find out the Patron Information Inventory's status. Once the UCSD Libraries establish the Patron Information Inventory, the Libraries need to set policy on what to keep, how long to keep it, and what/when to discard.

2. Position Paper 1 timeline slipping. 

3.  LAUC Transition Meeting, August 22, 2003 (S. Dunlap)

Recap of Esther Grassian's 02/03 Issues and Goals. Information Literacy TF adds "ethical use of information." Passage of the Patriot Act Resolution at the Spring Assembly. Collections Management documents: "digital visual resources text." Position Paper task force. Allocation of delegates by campus. Ad hoc Awards Committee had a pilot travel award this year. Next: LAUC member of the year award or lifetime achievement award? Linda Kennedy's 03-04 Issues and Goals. Make LAUC more efficient and effective. Short term targeted charges for committees. Involve statewide representatives on the Executive Committee--add to Exec. listserv? Set up a listserv for committee chairs. Bylaws changes. Look at other models for LAUC reorganization. Possible programs: Changing role of libraries, or Library as Place.

4. Carrel on the 7th Floor: Can we relocate materials to free the room for faculty research use? (S. Dunlap) There are 17 carrels on floors 6 and 7 of the Geisel Library building.  At present, the waiting list consists of 1 faculty member and 7 graduate students.  LAUC-SD members no longer use the room for conducting research. It primarily houses the laptop and file storage. The issue of providing a lactation room was duly noted.  ACTION: If a secure location can be found for the laptop and files, LAUC-SD is willing to release the room. Remanded to Executive Board.

5. Proposed Budget FY03-04 and call for annual contributions (K. Lucas) Proposed Budget FY2003-2004 The following proposed budget will be presented to the membership at next week Tuesdays' meeting for adoption. $450 balance required to avoid $5 per month charge. Expense amount is based on averages from previous years. If amounts needed exceed budgeted amount, requestor may make a special request in writing to the LAUC-SD Executive Board. Income: $1177.89; Expenses: $560 Balance: $532.89. ACTION: Adopted.

6. Fall Pizza Social is Tuesday, October 21, 11:30am - 1:00pm (S. Dunlap)

7. Diversity Committee Annual Report (V. Williamson) Outgoing chair Williamson thanked committee members (L. Abrams, K. Lucas, J. Yang) and recapped the activities the committee sponsored in 2003-03.

8. CAPA Update (D. Tweedy) Report deferred to November meeting.

*Denotes new members.