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March 2004 Minutes

LAUC-SD Membership


12:30pm – 2:00pm, March 23, 2004

Seuss Room, Geisel Library

Present: Leslie Abrams, Linda Barnhart, Mary Linn Bergstrom, Ken Calkins, Harold Colson, Penny Coppernoll-Blach, Elizabeth Cowell, Kathy Creely, Becky Culbertson, Shi Deng, Maria Din (LHR), Sam Dunlap (Chair),  Katy Farrell,, Maureen Harden (Admin Team), Tony Harvell, Craig Haynes, Suiui Ho, James R. Jacobs, Elliot Kanter, Deborah Kegel, Karen Lindvall-Larson, Kari Lucas (Secretary), Rob Melton, Phyllis Mirsky, Jenny Parsons, Alice Perez, Anne Prussing, Jenny Reiswig, Trish Rose, Brian Schottlaender, Susan Starr, Nancy Stimson, Adolfo Tarango, Duffy Tweedy, Esteban Valdez, Paul Weiss (Parliamentarian), Vicki Williamson, Marlo Young

1.  Announcements and additions to the agenda

LAUC-SD Diversity Committee program June 8, 1:00pm – 3:00pm, Seuss Room

LAUC election is June 10.

2.  Approved January 20, 2004 minutes.

3.  LAUC-SD Buddy Program ( for librarians in temporary appointments. The LAUC-SD Bylaws are silent on the issue of temporary appointments and LAUC membership (refer to LAUC-SD 

Bylaws, Article III, Section 1. Membership) however, according to Library Human Resources, Librarians in temporary appointments are eligible for peer review if the appointment is 2 years or more; eligible for professional development funding with qualifications and approval of department head.  Therefore LAUC-SD will assign LAUC-SD Buddies to librarians in temporary appointments. Typically the LAUC-SD Executive Board members become buddies. 
 However, with the amount of buddies needed, the LAUC-SD Buddy Program is extended to LAUC-SD members. Typically the LAUC-
SDuddy Program is intended to aide new librarians through their first review and 
give advice on professional growth and act as a sounding board outside the new librarian’s primary unit.
  Because librarians in temporary appointments may not undergo a review, the AUC-SD Buddy Program will instead focus on mentoring in academic librarianship and mentoring in an ARL research library.


ACTION:  Becky Culberson volunteered to be buddy to Jen Parsons. Anne Prussing volunteered to be buddy to Alex Gagne-Rosen.
  Deborah Kegel volunteered to be buddy to Ann Willard. 
 Suihui Ho volunteered to be buddy to Shinjoung Yeo.


ACTION: Dunlap will send buddies an information packet.  He will send librarians in temporary appointments a welcome letter. 

4.  LAUC-SD mentoring for library staff interested in or already attending library school. Mentoring was a suggestion from LAUC-SD members at the January 2004 LAUC-SD Membership Meeting in response to discussion item 6: LAUC-SD chair and vice-chair meeting with Schottlaender in which Schottlaender sought LAUC-SD’s advice on the issue of librarian recruitment and retention.  As a follow-up to the suggestion, Dunlap posed the question of how to formalize mentoring for library staff who are either in library school or contemplating it.  The LHR career seminar sponsored last year was mentioned as a successful event. 

ACTION: Rob Melton, Elizabeth Cowell, Alice Perez and Adolfo Tarango  and Trish Rose volunteered to accept a charge from Dunlap to explore ways to formalize LAUC-SD mentorship.

5. & 6.  Update on privacy-related issues

The R&PD Committee—The Committee is planning a program to take place Wednesday, May 19, 2:00pm to 4:00pm, specific UCSD location tba. The topic is implications of the PATRIOT Act.  Logistically, because the program is receiving funding from statewide, it will be advertised all LAUC members in the Southern divisions (I, LA, R, and SD) with RSVP’s requested. Because the topic is expected to generate broad interest, it was suggested to the Committee that they extend invitations to other libraries in San Diego, as well as the press, and UCSD TV. Depending on the response rate, attendance will be opened up to the library staff.   One speaker is Judith F. Krug, the Director of ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom. Another is Karen G. Schneider, who is Chair of the California Library Association's Intellectual Freedom Committee and currently a member of ALA Council. Another is a representative from the San Diego Bill of Rights Coalition ( which has the text of a proposed proclamation for consideration by the San Diego City Council mounted on its web site.  There is also a petition form to get the proclamation on the City Council’s agenda for consideration.

ACTION: The committee, as delegated to Jim Cheng, will continue to look for a room on campus. Schottlaender offered to contribute to offset the cost of renting a room and offered the assistance of Library Administrative Office staff to help locate a room.

The LAUC-SD Privacy Policy Task Force has completed its work and will give its report to the Administrative Team and the LAUC-SD membership.  [NOTE: A related task force, the Patron Information Privacy Task Force, under the auspices of Library Administration, will be announced soon and has a deadline of June 30 to give its report to Library Administration.]

7.  2004-05 Elections—E. Cowell announced the LAUC-SD 2004-05 proposed slate: Vice-chair-chair-elect: Peter Brueggeman, Secretary: Trish Rose, Jeff Williams, CAPA (elect two): Jim Jacobs, Elliot Kanter, Esteban Valdez, Paul Weiss, Member-at-large: Kathy Creely, Deborah Kegel, Delegate: James R. Jacobs, Suhui Ho. According the LAUC-SD Bylaws, Article VII (2) (b) (2) nominations were requested from the floor. There were none.  The Bylaws are silent on the issue of whether or not nominations are de facto closed at the end of this meeting or can continue to be made up to 2 weeks before the election.  There is always the option of a write-in candidate if the nomination period closed before one could declare oneself.  [Post meeting action: Dunlap distributed an email to the membership requesting nominations until April 2, at which time the slate will be closed.]

8.  CAPA Report (Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Advancement)

Twenty-six files are under review in the cycle. Twenty-two files have been submitted. Four files are outstanding (and not in the good way).  The Committee has noticed several issues.  For example, documentation is being done inappropriately, pieces of documentation are missing, activities are inaccurately listed (i.e., I.A. activities are listed in I.C.).  If the mistake is significant, the Committee sends a letter to the candidate’s review initiator who then requests of the candidate to correct the mistake and resubmit.  The Committee points these issues out because the instructions for completing the files and the explanation of what activities go where is specified in the ARPM and the review workshop. 

ACTION:  File mistakes to be discussed at the September membership meeting when the Committee has a full picture of the cycle.

9.  Highlights from LAUC Executive Board meetings

Spring Assembly, May 13, program “One University, One Library: Campus Budget Perspectives,” 1:30pm – 3:30pm, UC Riverside

Distinguished designation in the expanded Librarian rank.  Linda Kennedy has sent a letter to Karen Butter, chair of the University Librarians group, requesting a discussion of the issues surrounding the designation of distinguished in general, placement in the series, and decoupling from the steps in the Librarian rank.

Position Paper Review Task Force has received its revised charge with a report submission deadline of April 15. The charge includes revising the guidelines, proposing a process to adopt, reviewing current position papers.

Committee on Library Plans and Policies (Karen Lindvall-Larson, SD representative) plans to have divisional discussion take place over late spring and summer about awareness of collection development issues in terms of faculty and staff.

10. Status of Library Literature database became questionable after a batch of 500 searches did not get ordered.  Then several subscriptions options became put on the table for consideration.  Berkeley and Irvine are getting single user ports via SilverPlatter. OCLC FirstSearch no longer offers 500 search batches but instead access by subscription. 

The question of system wide access was voiced.  It was recollected that LAUC had dealt with the issue in the past but current status was unknown.  The option of having LAUC-SD R&PD Committee pay for a subscription was voiced.  The problem with that approach is that the Committees funds are ephemeral and permanent access to the database is needed. [Post meeting action: An email was sent to LAUC-SD documenting that the issue of subscribing to Library Literature had been discussed by the LAUC Executive Board on 12/05/02 as excerpted: UC wide access to library information databases Murphy asked if RPD could evaluate access to key library information databases for all the UC campuses. The smaller campuses do not have access.  ACTION: Kennedy will speak with Lucia Snowhill, JSC, about this issue and update the board at the next meeting.] 


ACTION:  The best option for the best price is being looked at.  In the meantime, DIALOG accounts may be dusted off.  Also Dunlap will move the Library Literature into UC-wide discussion for eventual System-wide acquisition.

Other Items

Requested was a report to LAUC-SD from Schottlaender about the findings of the recently appointed UCSD Academic Senate Electronic Publications Task Force, which was charged by Dave Miller, the Senior Associate Chancellor for Academic Affairs.  Schottlaender said that after the report was submitted to the Faculty Academic Senate, he saw no reason that LAUC-SD could not be provided a copy.

ACTION: Probable report from Schottlaender at May 18 membership meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Kari Lucas, Secretary