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January 2004 Minutes

LAUC-SD Membership  


2-4 p. m. January 20, 2004

Seuss Room, Geisel Library

Present: Leslie Abrams, Amy Butros, Ken Calkins, Jim Cheng, Marlayna Christensen, Harold Colson, Penny Coppernoll-Blach, Becky Culbertson, Shi Deng, Sam Dunlap (Chair),  Katy Farrell,, Craig Haynes, Suhui Ho, James R. Jacobs, Kari Lucas (Secretary), Sue McGuiness, Phyllis Mirsky, Anne Prussing, Jenny Reiswig, Trish Rose, Barbara Slater, Susan Starr, Adolfo Tarango, Jeff Williams


1.  Harold Colson will serve as CAPA chair.

2.  Thursday, February 5, 2004 R&PD Program, 12N – 1:30pm, includes lunch.

3.  Monday, February 9, 2004 3 Millionth Volume Celebration


1. Approved 11/18/03 minutes.

2. Dunlap reported highlights from the Fall Assembly (draft minutes not yet issued). On the Information Literacy Task Force 1-6, the SD-Division presented its comments.  All were accepted.  On Position Paper 1 revisions several divisions voiced similar concerns. PP1 was remanded to the Position Paper Task Force with no further action to be taken. LAUC has decided to focus on more urgent issues such as distinction, retention, and recruitment.  M. Okada, Vice-President for Academic Personnel, UCOP, reported the UC budget situation is grim x 10.  

3.  R&PD Annual Report 02-03 [please refer to full report online for details.]

Coppernoll-Blach, co-chair, reported, in terms of accomplishments, that there were 2 local grants funded, several poster session presentation proposals funded ($250 or less), the Breakfast of Champions series, Digital Dialogs, several programs under development, the ability to use individual LAUC professional development money to pay for professional association memberships and new equipment.  So far in 03-04, there were no proposals from the SD division for the statewide grant program.  There is no deadline for local proposals, so please submit anytime.

4.  Update on the Library Privacy Policy— Dunlap reported that the Privacy Policy Task Group (Butros, Dunlap (ch), JR.Jacobs, Mirsky (ch), Motil, Prussing) will draft language and recommendations for the Admin Team to discuss next month at the membership meeting.  Christensen reported that the Information Inventory is progressing. She will produce a report of the findings. 

ACTION:  The group would look favorably upon programs featuring speakers from the ACLU and CLA (see Trish Rose for contact info) on privacy issues, perhaps sponsored by R&PD.

5.  [see Announcement 2]

6.  Other: LAUC-SD chair and vice-chair meeting with Schottlaender. Dunlap reported on the meeting with Schottlaender.  One topic was continuity of communication between LAUC and the UL’s group when the LAUC President role transfers from Linda Kennedy to Terry Huwe.  From Schottlaender’s perspective, upcoming important issues will include those of distinction, retention, and non-salary recruitment incentives.  The issue of how LAUC might involve itself in the problems facing the University in terms of librarian recruitment was opened for discussion.   Ideas put forth were: strengthen relationships with library schools, provide monetary assistance to our own staff in library school, attend career days of other departments, tap into disgruntled graduate students market to find those who may be ready to make a switch to librarianship, mentoring, training offered by CDL. Dunlap will discuss possible local activity in these areas with the LAUC-SD Executive Board.

Respectfully Submitted

Kari Lucas, Secretary