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October 2005 Minutes

LAUC-SD Executive Board Meeting

Tuesday, October 25, 2005
1:00-2:00, p.m.

Research Services Conference Room

Bergstrom, Brueggeman (chair), Calkins, Dearie, Dreger, Heskett (webmaster), Jacobs (minutes), McGuinness (CAPA), Young (R&PD).

1) Anointing of the Minute Taker (Jacobs)

2a) Brueggeman: New librarians needing a LAUC buddy.

  • Gerald Cloud: Mary Linn
  • Simona Konecna: Marlo

2b) Brueggeman: Marlo Young is serving as statewide Rep for R&PD

2c) Brueggeman: Term lengths of the LAUC-SD Mentoring Committee members will be decided by Committee, such that two members will go off committee on August 31st, 2006 (LAUC year is Sept 1-Aug 31), and two members will continue on for another year of service terminating on Aug 31st, 2007.

2d) Brueggeman: LAUC statewide Assembly meeting is December 1. Peter will send Assembly email to delegates Tammy and Ken.

3) Brueggeman: membership on statewide Professional Governance Committee.
- Peter polled LAUC Executive committee for their preferences on who to invite to be LAUC-SD representative on statewide Professional Governance committee. Peter will pursue an appointment.

4) Heskett: LAUC-SD website

  • Karen suggested that the best way to manage the LAUC-SD web site is to have all committee pages on the same machine and to have minutes and other materials submitted by the committees to the LAUC-SD webmaster for posting. This will help ensure timeliness and consistency for all LAUC-SD web pages.
  • Karen will talk to committee chairs to establish procedures.
  • Karen will use PDF as the standard for minutes, reports, etc to make website maintenance easier.

5) Jacobs: Discussion of the role of LAUC-SD with respect to its advisory duties and responsibilities as outlined in the LAUC-SD bylaws.

Peter will query the LAUC-SD membership on issues of interest to them in these areas.

6a) McGuiness: CAPA

  • LAUC-SD will offer another Academic Review Workshop this year. Tammy Dearie and Kari Lucas will be the facilitators.
  • LHR will continue to offer its Academic Review Workshop.
  • Twenty files are scheduled for review this year.

6b) Candidate opting out of receiving a letter from the UL in order to speed up receiving the final outcome of review?
It was discussed and decided not to pursue this.

7a) Brueggeman: Diversity Committee
- Member replacement for Committee member Shinjoung Yeo. Peter will issue a call by email asking for interest in membership on the Diversity Committee.

7b) Brueggeman: LAUC-SD Diversity Internship proposal is slated for discussion with UL at next LAUC-SD Chairs/UL meeting, calendared for January 11th.

8) Brueggeman: LAUC-SD Executive Board email list. - Agreed that the email list should include LAUC-SD statewide committee and other representatives.

9) Brueggeman: LAUC-SD membership meeting agenda building. (Meeting will be Tuesday November 1st, 2-4, Suess Room)

9a) Department Heads or AULs will introduce new members.

9b) Approval of minutes July 26, 2005 membership meeting LAUC-SD July 2005 Membership meeting minutes Peter will bring a few paper copies.

9c) Update from Chair on recent business

9d) LAUC-SD Voluntary Contribution, Jacobs

  • Peter will send a reminder with notice of meeting.
  • Jim will send an additional reminder on Monday, October 31.

9e) LAUC-SD committee 04/05 annual reports (Brueggeman will email to membership)

  • CAPA, Culbertson
  • R&PD, McGuiness/Coppernoll-Blach
  • Diversity, Harvell
  • Mentoring, Tweedy

9f) Updates from 05/06 LAUC-SD committees and LAUC-SD representatives.

10) Brueggeman: LAUC-SD social event status. - Next event will probably be in the spring; voluntary contributions need to be collected for this.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim (James A.) Jacobs
Data Services Librarian