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November 2005 Minutes

LAUC-SD Executive Board Meeting

November 17, 2005
9:00-10:00 a.m.

Research Services Conference Room

Mary Linn Bergstrom, Peter Brueggeman (chair), Ken Calkins, Tammy Dearie,
Megan Dreger, Jim Jacobs (minutes), Tony Harvell, Elisabeth Leonard.

1) Acknowledgment of the Minute Taker, Jacobs.

2a) Brueggeman: No new librarians needing a LAUC buddy.

2b) Brueggeman: Arwen Hutt and Dan Suchy have been appointed to the LAUC-SD Diversity Committee.

2c) Brueggeman: Appointments to the Nominations Committee will be coming up.

3) Jacobs: Status of Voluntary Contributions.

  • Twenty-eight contributions have been received and current balance of LAUC-SD account is just under one thousand dollars.
  • Jacobs will send a reminder on December 1. Peter will remind members at January membership meeting.

4) Brueggeman: LAUC Statewide Executive Board Nov 10th conference call

  • most of the call dealt with a discussion of the draft bylaws and comments from discussions of campus LAUC executive boards.
  • LAUC President Jenny Reiswig will be attending the upcoming University Librarians meeting. One item for discussion will be the instructional role of librarians. Peter brought up the issue for UL attention of librarian professional development support.

5) Brueggeman: LAUC draft Bylaws from LAUC-SD Executive Board for Fall Assembly December 1.

  • Bergstrom noted a discrepancy between the standing rules and the bylaws in the appointment of the LAUC vice-president/president-elect as chair of R&PD or chair of any committee. She noted also that having the VP serve as a one year committee chair means that the committee loses the continuity of having its own incoming chair serve on the committee before being chair.
  • Mary Linn also asked why some committees have LAUC representatives and other do not. There was a brief discussion of the role of LAUC representatives: It is valuable to have LAUC representatives report to LAUC the discussion and actions of committees, but it is unclear if they can represent views of LAUC to committees.

6) Brueggeman: followup to Chair's email call to membership re: areas in which LAUC-SD advises the Chancellor, Chancellor's designated representatives, the campus administration and the library administration.

  • No response to email query to date.
  • Discussion: It may be that membership needs specific issues to start discussion. It may be that if this is a standing agenda item at membership meetings, it will give members a place to bring concerns and ideas and inform LAUC representatives of issues.
  • Peter will add this as a standing item to LAUC membership meetings.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim (James A.) Jacobs
Data Services Librarian