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December 2005 Minutes

LAUC-SD Executive Board Meeting

Date: Thursday, December 15, 2005
Time: 9:00-10:00 a.m.

Research Services Conference Room

Bergstrom, Brueggeman (chair), Calkins, Dearie, Dreger, Harvell, Jacobs (minutes), Leonard (Diversity), McGuinness (CAPA), Young (R&PD).

1) Announcements:

There are no new librarians needing a LAUC buddy, now, but more are coming soon!

2) R&PD, Harvell

Tony reported that R&PD has discussed the need for and use of the three laptops purchased by R&PD for LAUC-SD. Two are older and running Windows 2000; one is newer and is running Windows XP. They are used about one or two times a year. These notebook computers need maintenance and security patches, which would be an ongoing responsibility.

Action items:

  • Allow machines to be checked out for up to a year, using Innopac. (Dearie)
  • Check to see if the SSHL DSSLs can take responsibility for storing and checkout of machines. (Dearie)
  • Check with ITD to see if they can maintain machines, install patches, etc. (Harvell)
  • Announce changes in procedure to membership (Dearie, Harvell)

3) CAPA, McGuinness

Sue reported that Tammy Dearie and Kari Lucas presented the Self-Review writing workshops and they were well received. Sue suggested that if membership wishes the workshops to continue, LAUC should formalize who maintains and updates the handouts and who is responsible for presenting the workshop or recruiting presenters. After discussion of options, the board decided to propose that the LAUC-SD bylaws be changed so that the two CAPA members rotating off CAPA in the fall would be responsible for this workshop, since they have the experience and insight to best advise the membership in review writing. Since this would be a new responsibility for existing CAPA members, Jacobs and McGuinness agreed that they would be willing to do this in 2006 and 2007 and would ask Elliot Kanter and Leslie Abrams if they would as well.

Action item:

  • Investigate if this requires a change in bylaws for CAPA and fit can be done with a small change of duties and an extension of term by several months. (Brueggeman)

4) LAUC Statewide Assembly & Executive Board meetings review and looking ahead, Brueggeman.

Pete reported that the major items at the Assembly were discussion of making LAUC business and meetings more efficient via use of 'enabling technologies' (such as teleconferencing), and discussion of the bylaws report.

The LAUC Bylaws recommendations were not accepted by Assembly vote.

At the Executive Board meeting:

  • The Board discussed excision of specific bylaw language without rewriting remaining bylaws in order to achieve two objectives: reduce number of standing committees, and shift details to standing rules
  • An ad-hoc committee may be appointed to review/select a single teleconferencing service for regular LAUC business; currently it is a make-shift process.
  • The Bibliographic Services Task Force will report soon (late December or early January) and LAUC will be reviewing it.
  • There was a discussion of LAUC archives and how LAUC orients new members.

The LAUC Spring Assembly on June 1st at UCLA is planning to have program content on stewardship of digital assets, a high priority issue set by UC ULs. The program portion of the Assembly might be worth attending by interested LAUC members.

Respectfully submitted,
Jim (James A.) Jacobs
Data Services Librarian