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March 2005 Minutes

LAUC-SD Executive Board

March 17, 2005

Present: Mary Linn Bergstrom, chair; Peter Brueggeman, vice-chair/chair-elect; Penny Coppernoll-Blach, R&PD; Becky Culbertson, CAPA chair; Sam Dunlap, past chair; Tony Harvell, Diversity Committee Chair; Adolfo Tarango, member-at-large, Jeff Williams, secretary/treasurer.

  1. CAPA report: Becky Culbertson reported that CAPA is reviewing sixteen files, with all but one turned in at this time.
  1. Diversity Committee report: Tony Harvell presented the Diversity Committee’s recommendation to establish a library fellowship program in UCSD Libraries.  Tony reminded the board that UC Santa Barbara is in the twentieth year of a similar fellowship.  He also reminded the board that this type of fellowship program was first considered earlier this decade, but was postponed due to the bleak budget situation. 

Tony reported that Alice Perez met with Maureen Harden to discuss the financial aspects of this type of fellowship.  Maureen indicated this may be a better time financially to consider this, and asked LAUC-SD to consider if it might be appropriate for our organization to contribute towards the cost of recruiting someone into this type of program. 

Discussion of this proposal ensued, with the following questions raised:

-         Is this type of program financially possible at a time when department heads are under increased pressure to justify every position they request, whether due to the established position becoming vacant, or a new position?

-         Can we use Geisel Outreach funds to this position?

-         Would this be a simple recruitment vehicle, or a tool for attracting members of underrepresented groups into the profession?

-         Can we tie in temporary staffing needs?

-         Would it be possible to get any statewide LAUC support?

-         Should this program be one or two years?

The Executive Board recommended this proposal be presented at the next membership meeting for discussion.

  1. R&PD Committee report: Penny Coppernoll-Blach reported that there were twenty attendees for the March 1st, Digital Dialogue “Teaching, Learning, & Research: Libraries and Their Role in the Academic Institution".  R&PD will be sponsoring the upcoming events:

-         "MetaSearching: Present and Future Prospects MetaLib: Version 3 for User and Non-Users " webinar.  Tuesday, March 29

-         Co-sponsoring with IOC, and LHR “It’s NOT About Time: Making the Most of One-Shots.” Monday, May 9th.

Penny attended the Statewide R&PD Committee meeting to discuss the four statewide research proposals that were received.  The committee supported two of the proposals, and no on one of the proposals.  The last proposal was received very late, and was not considered.

Mary Linn mentioned that we need to make sure LAUC-SD’s contribution to the funding of the Digital Dialogues series is acknowledged.

  1. Retirement gifts: the Executive Board discussed the appropriate level of funding for gifts for retiring members.
  1. Vote on ARPM Revision: Becky Culbertson presented the most recent language for the ARPM revision.  The board discussed how to proceed in light of the confusion related to the email vote on the revision.  The board decided to give this back to CAPA for discussion at the upcoming membership meeting.

At this point, Becky Culbertson, Sam Dunlap, and Tony Harvell left the meeting due to other commitments.

  1. Plan for discussion of “Systemwide Strategic Directions…” document: the Executive Board discussed how to best get input on this issue.  An open meeting was discussed.  It was decided that this would be discussed at the upcoming membership meeting.  Terry Huwe has extended the deadline for division input until March 31st.
  1. LAUC-SD Request for Increased Professional Development Support: Peter Brueggeman presented the request for increased professional development for comment.  The board discussed how to best approach presenting this to the membership and the library administration.  The board decided to present the proposal at the next membership meeting.
  1. Webmaster charge: the board decided to present the Webmaster charge at upcoming membership meeting.

Next meeting: Thursday, April 21st.

Respectfully Submitted, Jeff Williams, 2004-2005 Secretary/Treasurer.