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February 2005 Minutes

LAUC-SD Executive Board
February 17, 2005

Present: Mary Linn Bergstrom, chair; Peter Brueggeman, vice-chair/chair-elect; Penny Coppernoll-Blach, R&PD; Becky Culbertson, CAPA; Tony Harvell, Diversity Committee; James R. Jacobs, delegate; Rob Melton, guest; Adolfo Tarango, member-at-large, Jeff Williams, secretary.


CPG Report – Rob Melton: Rob, in his role as Chair, LAUC Committee on Professional Governance (CPG), shared with the Executive Board the results of his investigation of emeritus librarian status at UCSD.  LAUC President Terry Huwe asked the CPG to determine at each campus 1) how many librarians have been granted emeritus status, 2) what types of documentation exists for the process, and 3) what types of benefits emeriti librarians receive.

Rob reported that he did not uncover any historic documentation regarding emeritus librarian status.  He determined that three librarians have been awarded emeritus librarians status, two associate university librarians, and a department head.  Rob did not discover any concrete benefits associated with the emeritus librarian designation.

Rob shared that the CPG had been given a new charge to survey the full extent of collaborative interactions between LAUC, and academic senate at each division.  Rob asked for input from the Executive Board.  The board recommended that Rob speak with Barbara Slater, current LAUC-SD representative on the UCSD Academic Senate Library Committee, as well gain historical perspective on the question by speaking with other LAUC-SD members.  The sense of the board was the LAUC-SD has good access to the Academic Senate at UCSD.

LAUC Executive Board Conference Call: Mary Linn Bergstrom reported on the most recent LAUC Executive Board conference call.  Mary Linn reported that Terry Huwe, and Jenny Reiswig, LAUC Vice President/President Elect, will meet with the university librarians on February 24th, to discuss:

-         Kari Lucas’ opinion piece on the instructional role of librarians

-         The Open Access E-Journal Initiative

-         Two new LAUC position papers (1. Privacy, 2. Copyright & Fair Use)

-         Ways to increase LAUC collaboration with the California Digital Library (CDL)

-         The Systemwide Strategic Directions for Libraries and Scholarly Information Report

-         Efforts to overhaul the LAUC Bylaws

Mary Linn asked for direction from the Executive Board on how to best provide feedback to University Librarian Brian Schottlaender on the Systemwide Strategic Directions for Libraries and Scholarly Information Report.  Mary Linn shared that she will be contacting Brian to discuss how LAUC-SD may provide the most useful feedback. 

Adolfo Tarango suggested the Executive Board could create an ad hoc group to review the document to look for areas of interest for LAUC-SD.  The board agreed with this idea, and Adolfo agreed to set up a meeting, and invite other interested LAUC-SD members to attend.


Mary Linn announced the date and location of the 2005 LAUC Spring Assembly: Thursday, June 2, 2005, at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Mary Linn shared that Terry Huwe is looking for volunteers for the privacy and copyright/fair use position papers.  Interested parties should contact Terry directly.

Jeff Williams volunteered to serve as Terry Vogel’s LAUC-SD Buddy.  Terry is the new Chemistry Librarian at the Science and Engineering Library.


CAPA: Becky Culbertson reported that the Committee on Appointments, Promotions and Advancements (CAPA) will begin to meet weekly as their role in this year’s peer-review process increases.  Becky reported that CAPA has fifteen reviews to consider this year. 

Becky reported that CAPA will accept Paul Weiss’ changes to the proposed Academic Review Procedures Manual (ARPM) revision as a friendly amendment.  The Executive Board discussed Jenny Reiswig’s proposed changes to the ARPM revision, and considered if it would be best to hold of discussion of these changes to the next LAUC-SD membership meeting.  Penny Coppernoll-Blach asked the board to consider if it would be best to leave it up to the candidate about how the review packet is prepared.  Becky and Penny agreed to discuss this issue together.

Diversity Committee: Tony Harvell reported that the program "Transgendered in the Workplace" held on February 1st had thirty-five attendees, with positive feedback received.  Tony reported that the Diversity Committee is looking to host another event on cross-cultural communication sometime in the next few months.

R&PD: Penny Coppernoll-Blach reported that the webcast on designing web surveys had seventeen attendees, but was not received well.  March 1st, R&PD will host the Association or Research Libraries (ARL) webcast, “Teaching, Learning, & Research: Libraries and Their Role in the Academic Institution”.  On May 9th, R&PD will partner with the Southern California Instruction Librarians (SCIL) to host a session on making the most of one-shot instruction sessions.  

Penny reported that statewide R&PD committee had only received three funding requests, less than a typical year. 

Penny informed the board that with the decrease in R&PD’s budget surplus, it is unlikely that the committee will continue to be able to supplement the librarians’ professional development funding by $200.00 per librarian. 


Election calendar: the Executive Board endorsed Sam Dunlap’s proposed LAUC-SD election calendar.

Professional Development Funds: Peter Brueggeman shared a summary of the professional development survey results.  Peter was pleased by the number of responses.  The board discussed next steps.

Webmaster Charge: Mary Linn shared a draft LAUC-SD website manager charge with the board, and asked for feedback.  Adolfo suggested Mary Linn consider removing the content related to procedural details, thereby giving the new website manager a chance to develop procedures in conjunction with the Secretary/Treasurer, and discuss them with the Executive Board.  The board endorsed the charge with Adolfo’s changes accepted as a friendly amendment.

Next meeting:

March 17, 2005
Research Services Conference Room