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November 2003 Minutes

LAUC-SD Executive Board


2-3 p. m. November 14, 2003

Research Services Conference Room

Present: Mary Linn Bergstrom, Penny Coppernoll-Blach, Sam Dunlap (chair), Kari Lucas (secretary), Sue McGuiness, Adolfo Tarango, Jeff Williams

1.      Approved 09/12/03 Executive Board minutes.

2.      Reviewed draft 09/16/03 Membership Meeting minutes.

3.      Dunlap reported highlights from 10/14 and 11/03 LAUC Executive Board meetings.

4.      Update on Privacy Issues—Dunlap met with UL Schottlaender to draft a call for a UCSD Libraries privacy policy working group.  Discussion resulted in splitting the issue into 3 parts

1.      Complete the Patron Information Inventory and prepare recommendations. An ad hoc group, with a representative from the Information Technology Department to advise on machine tracking capabilities, will be appointed as will Marlayna Christensen, perhaps in an ex officio role.

2.      Appoint a privacy policy group to craft a library privacy policy statement. Group members: Dunlap and Mirsky to co-chair. Butros (LAUC-SD), JR Jacobs (LAUC-SD), Motil (Staff), Prussing (LAUC-SD).

3.      Dunlap has charged the LAUC-SD Research and Professional Development Committee to develop an educative program.

5. Choice of method to fill CAPA vacancy will be an agenda item at the 11/18 LAUC-SD membership meeting.

6. Dunlap will confirm term of appointment for LAUC Library Plans and Policies Committee. Dunlap will solicit a volunteer at the 11/18 LAUC-SD membership meeting.

7. Position Paper 1 revisions discussion. Dunlap will conduct a point by point review and discussion of the revisions of PP1 to get a sense of the membership in preparation for the Fall Assembly.

8. Information Literacy Task Force report. Dunlap will conduct a recommendation by recommendation review and discussion to get a sense of the membership in preparation for the Fall Assembly.

9. Membership Meeting Agenda. Dunlap will structure the agenda so that the discussion of PP1 will be last.

10.  Next Board meeting. Dunlap will conduct a Group Wise busy search to determine date and time of the next Board meeting.