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March 2003 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting

March 11, 2003



Present:  Elizabeth Cowell (chair), Kathy Creely (Secretary), Shi Deng,  Sam Dunlap, Jenny Reiswig,  Duffy Tweedy, Victoria Williamson,   


1. The Diversity Committee doesn't need LAUC money for their events, as there is a separate fund for this Committee.

Discussion Items

1. Report from LAUC-SD chair's meeting with Brian Schottlaender - ElizabethCowell

Elizabeth, Sam, and Jenny met with Brian Schottlaender on Feb. 27.  The main topics discussed were professional development and peer review.

On the topic of  professional development, Brian want to promote research and build momentum.   He asked what library administration could do to further librarians' professional development.  He stated that he is very supportive of research leave and will be reaffirming this with the rest of the administrative team.  He did state that there should be a focus on product as a result of professional development and research support.  He also stated that the research doesn't necessarily need to be related to one's primary job responsibilities.

With regard to the peer review process, Brian expressed concern about the vague  definitions for steps VI and VII of the librarian series but thinks that the steps will be become clearer as people advance into them.   He has hope that the  in-coming chair of the UC-wide UL's group will address this issue in the coming year.  He also expressed concerns about accelerated advancement as "grade inflation" which artificially raises the bar.  Brian did state an opinion that one could stay at Step VI without prejudice.

Duffy Tweedy (CAPA) has concerns that there may not be enough librarians to serve on ad hoc committees this year, because there are so many new employees.

2. Spring Assembly Update - ElizabethCowell

LAUC Spring Assembly will be held at UCSD on May 30.  Allie Emigh-Carr, an administrative assistant in the SSH Library, is helping with arrangements.  There will be an Executive Board meeting on May 29.  The Assembly itself will conduct business on the morning of the 30th, followed by a luncheon (open to all LAUC members, but not free), and a program.  The program be a 30-minute "question and answer" presentation  by University Librarians Tom Leonard (Berkeley), Gerry Munoff (Irvine), and Brian Schottlaender.  (Note: Spring Assembly information available at: file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/kathy/LAUC%20Secretary/Exec%20Bd%20Minutes/ )

3. Report from LAUC statewide Executive Board conference call, March 2, 2003 - ElizabethCowell

Detailed minutes from the conference call are available at:

Cowell's update focused on the following topics:

  • Spring Assembly Program. There was an update on planning for the Spring Assembly.  The list of questions submitted for the ULs to discuss was too long and must be limited to 5 questions.  One of the questions will be regarding shared collections. 
  • LAUC Position Paper Review Task Force – Report Due Date Extension.  The Task Force will issue a preliminary report in time for the Fall Assembly, 2003, and a final report by Spring 2004.
  • LAUC Research and Professional Development Committee's concerns about fewer research proposals.  The Committee only received three proposals this year.  There was discussion about how to stimulate more proposals.
  • Information Literacy Task Force.  The Task Force now has a revised charge, with a report due in Fall 2003.  It will investigate initiatives, rather than propose policy.  There is also a HOPS Information Literacy Group, looking at what is being done on individual campuses and what types of collaboration might be possible.  The LAUC group is looking at the "why" of the broad issue of information literacy. 
  • Role of LAUC Rep to CDL Users Group.  The LAUC representative to the CDL Users Group feels that LAUC representation is not needed, as there are so many librarians in the Group already.  LAUC will be considering what other CDL groups could benefit from  LAUC representation.
  • LAUC’s advisory role for systemwide library planning.  At  Fall Assembly 2003 Dan Greenstein carefully distinguished between the two functions: CDL and Systemwide Planning. Grassian asked Greenstein for clarification about how LAUC feeds into systemwide library planning. He said through SOPAG, SLASIAC, and the ULs advisory structure. It was noted that although the structure is there for input, not everything goes through the structure.  Brian Schottlaender commented  that an upcoming white paper on shared collections is an example.  There was little SLASIAC feedback, but SOPAG will be managing a system wide review, with opportunity for more input from individual campuses, LAUC, etc.
  • SLASIAC report from LAUC representative.  Main points were continued growth and costs, limited funding, and increased reliance on resource sharing.
  • SOPAG report from LAUC representative.  Main topic was Access Integration document.  Also expressed concerned about getting LAUC members more involved in process/feedback.

4. Agenda planning for March 18 membership meeting

  1. Consolidate and give reports
  2. Digital Library Update (Digital Library Program Working Group update - Dawn Talbot; Digital Dialogues program - Anna Gold; Digital Letters newsletter - ideas for future issues - Trish Rose