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December 2002 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting

December 10, 2002
SSHL Research Services Conference Room


Elizabeth Cowell (chair), Steve Lawson (recorder), Jenny Reiswig, Sam Dunlap.
Visitor: Karrie Peterson from LAUC-SD Research & Professional Development (R&PD) Committee



Report from Fall Assembly

A report will be delivered at the January LAUC-SD meeting by Elizabeth. Some individual items follow:

Discussion of Committee on Professional Governance report (see the report online). Focused discussion topic will be forthcoming from statewide LAUC for discussion at January local meeting. Dealing with position paper one (criteria for advancement) and a proposed position paper 6 (professional step). Proposed ad hoc task force to look at position papers to see which need revising or conflating.

Myron Okada, Director of Academic Personnel, talked to the assembly. He told LAUC not to expect a range adjustment, though merit adjustments are still safe, and are a “high priority.” The future for "phased retirement" seems “pretty bleak.” Employee dependent tuition/fee waiver is on the back burner due to state budget situation.

Gary Peete, librarian from UC Berkeley, presented a chart showing the detrimental effects on librarians' salaries vis à vis faculty salaries and the consumer price index which resulted from the bifurcation of librarian and faculty senate salaries. Action item for LAUC: Esther will write a letter to Judson King, Provost of the University of California, describing the trend and expressing LAUC’s concern. The ULs will be able to review the letter before it goes to the Provost.

Dan Greenstein spoke and answered questions for the CDL.

Report from Meeting with Brian Schottlaender

Discussion of distinguished step. Full report and discussion at the January LAUC-SD meeting. Discussions of LAUC locals will be reported at the spring assembly (at UCSD).

LAUC-SD Research & Professional Development projects

Karrie Peterson spoke to the LAUC-SD Executive Board on behalf of LAUC-SD R&PD.

R&PD is compiling all documents that provide guidance or rules on how LAUC R&PD money can be spent. In the meantime, the committee will pursue the ideas that had general approval at the LAUC-SD membership meeting, e.g., a call for grants, a "Breakfast of Champions, " and a research methods seminar.

As a longer-term activity, the committee will undertake revising the guidelines to be more in line with what LAUC-SD members said they desired in the November membership meeting, i.e., allowing for more balance between funding research and professional development. The committee will also propose a policy for how to expand appropriate uses of the Opportunity Fund to include individual funding for conference attendance, and will establish a cycle of deadlines for research grants in San Diego.

Adjourned 11:20 AM.