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October 2001 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting

October 11, 2001
SSHL Research Services Conference Room

Present: J. Reiswig (chair), H. Colson, E. Cowell, S. Dunlap, S. Lawson, A. Perez (secretary), E. Valdez

Treasurer's Report

A. Perez reported that 44 out of 54 librarians gave contributions including one librarian who paid twice. In addition, Anita Schiller, Marlo Young, and Maureen Harden gave contributions. This brought the total collected to $480.00 and the new account balance is $1,092.94.

CAPA Elections

Dawn Talbot cannot complete her CAPA term; therefore, a special election is needed to replace her. H. Colson compiled a list of CAPA "veterans" as possible replacements. He is in the process of contacting these individuals to develop a slate. One of these individuals has already agreed to run. H. Colson will review the bylaws to see how the slate should be presented to the membership. J. Reiswig suggested that the bylaws should include a section on Special Elections and the option of presenting a slate to the membership by email.

Report on meeting with Brian Schottlaender

E. Cowles and J. Reiswig met with Brian Schottlaender for about an hour and discussed the following issues:

  • Response to events of 9/11
    The library and the Cultural Diversity Committee would like to have a presentation for staff. The speaker under consideration is Peter Cowhey, IRPS. Another idea is to collect funds from the staff to endow a collection.
  • Professional Development Funds
    M. Harden is looking into other uses for professional development funds other than travel, e.g., association memberships and journal subscriptions. She will poll the other campuses to see what they do.
  • CAPA Debriefing Document
    Review of Career History According to Brian the checklist form at UCLA includes a box for "Review Career History." He is not keen on having this requirement for advancement from Assistant to Associate, only from Associate to Librarian. Brian wants a statement included that presentation of the career history should come from both the candidate and the review initiator.
  • Goals
    Brian is not adverse to bifurcating goals from the review process. He is currently heading a strategic planning process for ALA. Brian will work on the libraries' goals through a strategic planning process in March-April 2002. He will bring in a few facilitators for this process. E. Cowell volunteered to be on the Goals Task Force and the group has met once. They are looking at the procedures in the ARPM.
  • Distinguished Step
    Jenny and Brian briefly discussed the "distinguished step." This issue will be discussed at the Fall Assembly then we can begin work on our document locally. Brain is not interested in the award, but in looking at the entire career history achievements.

    The Professional Governance Committee is working with the University Librarians and LAUC to achieve research leave, flexible work schedules to conduct research and recognition of mentorship as a need. Brian suggested a list of what we want researched.

Participation of other committee chairs on Exec. Board

J. Reiswig asked the members if it would be worthwhile to include the chairs of the Cultural Diversity and R&PD on the Executive Board. H. Colson found that last year it would have been helpful to have them on the board. There were no objections to adding them; therefore, J. Reiswig will invite Anne Prussing, Chair, Cultural Diversity and Mary Linn Bergstrom, Chair of R&PD to join the Executive Board.

Pizza social planning

Sue McGinnis, the Pharmacy Librarian begins October 22nd and Paul Weiss, Cataloging, on November 5th. We also need to welcome Adolfo Tarango and Shi Deng who have joined our ranks since the last pizza social. It was decided to have the next pizza social on Tuesday, November 13th. We need two LAUC-SD buddies for two new people. S. Dunlap volunteered to be Paul Weiss' buddy and H. Colson for Sue McGinnis.

Visit by Deborah Murphy

D. Murphy, LAUC President, would like to visit with the librarians and university librarians at each campus. This is a tradition that Kari Lucas began when she was LAUC President. D. Murphy would like to visit the southern campuses in the fall and northern in the spring. The next viable membership meeting for D. Murphy's visit is January 15, 2002. J. Reiswig will check with Brian to see if he is available on that date before contacting D. Murphy.

Anything needed for Assembly?

There were no questions from the board. J. Reiswig will forward the agenda to the board members.

Lunch on 10/24: volunteers?

Shanon Lawson had volunteered, but needs to check the final schedule before committing. Susan Jurist had volunteered for the October 11th lunch, but another individual sent in a response before her. Susan Jurist will be asked to volunteer for the October 24th lunch.

Visit to rooms 506 and 722

Board members were unable to visit room 506 (new nursing room) as it was occupied. Room 722 is smaller than room 506, but it is large enough for our materials. The room has lots of light and a nice view.