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May 2002 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting

May 9, 2002
SSHL Research Services Conference Room

Present: J. Reiswig (chair), M. L. Bergstrom, H. Colson, E. Cowell (recorder for A. Perez), S. Dunlap, K. Lindvall-Larson,
A. Prussing, E. Valdez

Report from Statewide Executive Board

  • SLASIAC - G. Peete has been the representative on SLASIAC for three years of a two-year term. There will be a call for a new LAUC representative. Our local executive board will rank names submitted.
  • Statewide Election slate announcements: Linda Kennedy (UCD) running for LAUC President, and A. Perez (UCSD) and B. Haughton (UCD) for Secretary.
  • Professional Governance survey results will be compiled.
  • More changes to Statewide Bylaws.
  • Resolution on Information Literacy - concerns were raised about the process of bringing this resolution forward at the Assembly with no prior opportunity for discussion at the divisions.

Report from Spring Assembly

  • Concerns raised about year round instruction and its impact. UCB and UCLA have already begun year round instruction.
  • Diversity Committee has added archival reports and campus statistics on their website.
  • Research and Professional Development Committee received nine requests totaling over $84,000, but there is only $30,000 in funding. Six projects were approved for funding and announced at the Assembly.
  • Concerns were raised by some divisions about librarians being taken out of the librarian series.
  • Resolution on Information Literacy was approved.

Myron Okada Report

  • No new VERIP.
  • State budget is bleak; hoping that the merit increases will survive.
  • Tuition benefit for parents is still on the books, waiting for sunnier financial times.
  • Increasing costs of health insurance; will try to maintain one no-cost HMO.
  • Regents will be discussing retirement benefits for same sex and opposite sex domestic partners.
  • Phased retirement is under discussion. At age 62 or 63 one would begin collecting his/her pension and can work for a specified number of years at a defined % time.
  • Two audits in process: women representation in ladder faculty positions, and the Partnership agreement that guarantees undergraduates more access to faculty.

Presentation on Information Literacy

  • E. Grassian, UCLA, gave an overview of information literacy.
  • S. Curzon, Dean of Libraries, CSU Northridge, gave a talk about the CSU program on information literacy, and what they learned and problems they encountered.

Report on Chairs meeting with Brian Schottlaender on 5/7

  • Research leaves program.
  • Parking lot issues for the review process are:
    • There are many accelerated reviews, why? Trend or catch-up? He wants accelerated reviews to immediately go to an adhoc committee.
    • Think about getting upward feedback from supervisees. Redacted letters may cause problems. The review initiator can meet with the group. More to come on this topic.
    • Goals - have strategic planning occur first and in the fall he'll reinforce their benefits.

Buddy inventory/assignments
We need a written guide on being a buddy. It's possible we could get feedback on the inventory via email.

Cultural Diversity Committee (A. Prussing)

  • Pursuing academic residency program.
  • Bylaws revision will be on LAUC-SD Membership meeting agenda.

Research and Professional Development Committee (M. L. Bergstrom)

  • Wrestling with funding issues about how money can be used. Increase allotment to each librarian based on level of activity, across the board, or a one-time spend down.
  • P. Weiss will lead a discussion after the third OCLC teleconference.
  • No replacement for J. Church.

Slate is ready to go.

Election Planning
Will present the slate at the membership meeting and nominations can be made from the floor. The ballots will be sent out on May 28th, and June 10th is when they are reported back to statewide.

Agenda building for Membership meeting

  • Julie Conner, special guest speaker, for the first half-hour of the meeting.
  • Voting on Cultural Diversity Committee name change.
  • R&PD Committee report on journal club, subscriptions, and statewide funding decisions.
  • Assembly report.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00pm.