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June 2002 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting

June 6, 2002
SSHL Research Services Conference Room

Present: J. Reiswig (chair), M. L. Bergstrom, H. Colson, E. Cowell, S. Dunlap, K. Lindvall-Larson, A. Perez (recorder), A. Prussing

Buddy charge and inventory
J. Reiswig presented a draft of the LAUC Buddy Program. Suggestions were made by the group. J. Reiswig will incorporate suggestions and the final version will be posted on the LAUC-SD website.

There are several new hires or interviews being scheduled:

  • Cataloging Department - UCAI
  • SSHL - Assistant Department Head, Access Services. Marlayna Gates begins July 1, 2002
  • S&E - Instruction
  • SSHL - Instruction
  • IRPS - Head
  • Acquisitions Department - Head

Planning a summer social
We will plan for July 11, 2002 for our next pizza party.

Poster production possibilities: how LAUC can better support librarians doing great posters
R&PD has funded posters. Some librarians have gone to Kinko's or the Salk Institute to have their posters made. M.L. Bergstrom and J. Reiswig met with Dan Henderson to discuss use of the plotter and costs for making posters. They will write a proposal to cover the costs for about ten posters during the next year. We will try this out for one year.

How do we get members capable to get the file to Dan? Consideration was given to adding Illustrator to the LAUC-SD laptops. J. Reiswig will draft graphic guidelines, and M.L. Bergstrom will present proposal to R&PD.

After the announcement regarding nominations and the election was made at the last membership meeting, H. Colson and N. Stimson prepared the ballots, envelopes, labels, and mailed them out. The return has been good, with 49 out of 56 received so far. H. Colson will send a reminder that ballots are due on Monday, June 10, 2002.

S. Jurist is on the local ballot; therefore, H. Colson and N. Stimson will count the ballots on Friday, June 14, 2002. Procedures state that the local chair is notified of the results. The chair calls all people on the ballot, both successful and unsuccessful candidates. Per statewide procedures the local secretary/treasurer is notified regarding the statewide results. A. Perez is on the statewide ballot; therefore, the local chair will instead be notified. The due date to notify the local chair, J. Reiswig, is Wednesday, June 19, 2002. J. Reiswig will notify the statewide secretary. All notifications are done in writing (email is considered a form of writing.)

After the election results are announced the call for local committee volunteers will be made. J. Reiswig will check the bylaws about this.

Research and Professional Development Committee (M. L. Bergstrom)

  • Unspent R&PD funds will be carried over to next year.
  • Incoming chairs, especially those that have financial responsibility, should receive an orientation on responsibilities including a review of finances with Business and Finance.
  • Need to plan a large event for next year.
  • Next year on a trial basis, R&PD will give $200 to each librarian for professional development.

Annual Reports

  • The Diversity and R&PD committees will need to submit annual reports at the August Executive Board meeting.
  • CAPA has completed their review of the files, and letters are being drafted by Brian's office. Review Initiators will receive letters soon. CAPA will meet with the Admin Team to discuss changes. CAPA will present their annual report at the September membership meeting.

Diversity Committee (A. Prussing)

  • New committee name, Diversity Committee, was approved by membership.
  • Still discussing possibility of internship program.
  • Diversity Committee has a budget and could also use a review of finances with Business and Finance.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.