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February 2002 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting

February 14, 2002
SSHL Research Services Conference Room

Present: J. Reiswig (chair), M. L. Bergstrom (recorder), H. Colson, E. Cowell, S. Dunlap, K. Lindvall-Larson, A. Prussing,
E. Valdez

Volunteer for minutes

In A. Perez's absence M. L. Bergstrom volunteered to record the minutes.

Report from LAUC chairs meeting with Brian on 2/12

  • H. Colson, E. Cowell, and J. Reiswig met with Brian to discuss the goals document. They clarified the process and the discussion held at the membership meeting. B. Schottlaender accepts the changes made this year, but will monitor. He has concerns about Appendix X. Can supervisors require any librarian to submit goals? Could this be used as a disciplinary activity? It was agreed to watch for this during this year.
  • No actions from D. Murphy visit.
  • Use of professional development funds is being discussed by Library Administration. Should the library join associations institutionally? LAUC R&PD has gotten other information. What are the guidelines about use of the $1,000? Is it up to department heads on the use? The Executive Board asked M. L. Bergstrom, R&PD Chair, to get clarification on the policy.
  • Status of distinguished step is murky. The university librarians are trying to reach consensus.
  • LAUC chair will not be attending the strategic planning meeting.

Diversity Committee (A. Prussing)

  • An ARL diversity conference is scheduled for April 4-6, 2002 at the University of Iowa. The Diversity Committee will look into it. Is someone from LHR attending?
  • Resources web page has been updated. They will focus on using Sage.
  • L. Abrams will soon announce films to be shown.
  • Committee will announce fellowship and name-change at next membership meeting in March. Name-change will be announced by email.
  • J. Yang suggested a workshop on communication styles related to cultural issues.

Research and Professional Development Committee (M. L. Bergstrom)

  • Changes are being made to the R&PD website, and it was moved to a different server.
  • Reviewing OCLC teleconferences, ACRL webcasts and a possible speaker and/or hot talks by local librarians.

Nominations (H. Colson)

The Nominations Committee is comprised of H. Colson, S. Jurist, and N. Stimson.

LAUC Office cleanup/weeding crew: call for volunteers

It was suggested that we consider new people who haven't weeded the office before. J. Reiswig and K. Lindvall-Larson volunteered to clean the office in mid-March.

Other Items

  • Potential career status employees are not eligible for CAPA.
  • Get more department heads involved.
  • Is LAUC chair on LMG? (used to be)
  • The LAUC Spring Assembly is scheduled in May at UCLA.

Items for Statewide Executive Board Meeting on 2/22 at UC Irvine (J. Reiswig)

  • Who is working on the Information Literacy Standards?
  • Update on the distinguished step.
  • What are the other campuses doing about goals?
  • Report from Professional Governance Committee meeting scheduled for February 28th. L. Galvan-Estrada is our representative.