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September 2000 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting

September 14, 2000
Geisel Library Training Room


Present: Barbara Slater, Harold Colson, Christina Keil, Jenny Reiswig, Craig Haynes, Laura Galván-Estrada

Absent/Excused: Elizabeth Cowell


1. Our groupwise mailing list (LAUC-SD Executive Board) is up and running


  • Harold was alerted that the June 19 membership meeting conflicts with the ALA Annual conference; it was agreed to move the membership meeting to June 12 and the executive board meeting of June 14 is moved to June 7. Laura will arrange the rooms and reflect the changes in the LAUC-SD web calendar. [after the meeting it was noted that SLA conflicts with June 12 so the membership meeting is moving to June 26 and the Executive Bd. Mtg goes back to June 14]


  1. Completing committee assignments pending from transition meeting and recent final call.
  2. Harold got some volunteers and the following appointments were made:

    *R&PD: Karen Cargille

    *Nominations & Elections: Karrie Peterson

    *Diversity: Jeff Williams

  3. Debrief on, and action items from, meeting with Brian (Barbara and Harold)
    Barbara and Harold had a very good meeting with Brian and came up with the following action items:
    1. Seek presentation/discussion with LAUC-SD on librarian roles in development (D. Hoffman potential speaker)
    2. Local discussion on distinguished step issues, definitions, preparations
    1. Encourage statewide treatment of same with ULs - Gloria Werner is ready!
    2. Scholarly publishing and "Tempe Principles" - symposium/speakers?
    1. CAPA/Ad hoc issues from this cycle
    2. LAUC-SD host annual reception/social for new librarians
    1. Any librarian who gets promo/career/distinguished gets lunch with Brian a la Marsha Chandler treat for faculty
    2. LAUC-SD Chair, past chair, and incoming chair to meet with Brian 3 times a year. (LAUC-SD Chair to put meeting time on Brian's calendar)
  1. Travel/reimbursement information for Assembly delegation
    Harold gave Jenny (chair-elect) and Christina (delegate) the necessary information to get reimbursed for expenses to be incurred to attend the fall assembly.
    • Cathy Palmer (LAUC chair) may be coming (30-45 minutes)
    • CAPA status report (Anne)
    • Other committee reports
    • Share outcome of meeting with Brian (Harold & Barbara)
    • Share headcount document
    • Subscriptions to professional journals? (Nancy, R&PD) –Harold will confirm
    • Spring assembly report (Amy & Harold)
    • Introduction of new members
      • Plan a social to welcome new members
  2. Another buddy assignment: Shanon Lawson, Special Collections
    As everyone in the room already has a buddy, Harold will contact Elizabeth or other people who have expressed interested in being buddies to new librarians. Harold will send out the packets to those who have agreed to be buddies so they can distribute at their first meeting with their buddy.
  3. Gearing up for wave of LAUC lunches with candidates
    In anticipation of a wave of upcoming searches, the past tradition of one executive board member plus one additional librarian, who is not directly involved with the search, taking a candidate to lunch was reviewed and affirmed. The lunch is intended to give the candidate nutrition, information about LAUC, San Diego, as well as to make them feel welcome. Those who take the candidate to lunch have no role in the decision-making process. This year we will try having Executive Board member line up their own lunch partner from outside the Board.
  4. Plans for the call for contributions and a treasurer’s statement
    Barbara gave Laura (secretary-treasurer) an overview of what is to be done with contributions as well as preparing a treasurer’s statement. Laura will send out the call for contributions after the agenda for the next membership meeting goes out, with a due date of October 2. The contribution stays at $10.
  5. Annual reports due (R&PD, CAPA, Diversity, Nominating Committee)
    Harold will send out a reminder to committee chairs that the reports are due asap. Reports will be archived, posted in the LAUC-SD website, and distributed to the membership
  6. Agenda building for membership meeting, September 19, 2000