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October 2000 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting

October 12, 2000
Library Training Room, Geisel

Present: Christina Keil, Harold Colson, Barbara Slater, Jenny Reiswig, Elizabeth Cowell, Laura Galvan-Estrada

Excused: Craig Haynes

  1. Announcements
  • With the following, committee appointments for this year have been completed:
  • Anne Prussing as statewide representative for Diversity
  • Lynda Claassen as statewide representative for R&PD
  • Current roster is posted on our website
  • Minutes for membership meeting will go out after Harold gives Laura GE his corrections with a note saying that corrections will be accepted and then the minutes become final, Harold takes a final look, and then they are posted to the web
  1. Treasurer’s Report:
  • Laura distributed the report; monies are used for socials, gifts, etc. R&PD has their own budget for their events
  1. Brief Guide
  • The document we distribute during lunches with candidates; HC will get copies to distribute to board members at the next meeting (to be used at the lunches)
  1. Buddies update & LAUC Glossary revision
  • Most people have gone to lunch with their buddies and the new librarians have received their packets
  • The LAUC-SD glossary was briefly review and some corrections were noted. Harold will make corrections to the print document and then forward it to Laura GE so she can post the same version on our website.
  1. Committee Annual Reports status
  • Cultural Diversity report is in
  • R&PD pending (L. Claassen working on it)
  • CAPA is not finished so the report is not ready
  • We discussed the idea of distributing the committee reports to the membership. It was agreed that reports should be posted on our website. Harold will convey this to the committee chairs so they are aware as they are writing the report. Harold will ask the chairs to give a brief oral report at the next membership meeting and then we will post the documents.
  1. Fall Social: follow-up from membership’s ideas
  2. The group like the tried and true idea of pizza at lunch time so it will be a pizza lunch at Round Table, Nov. 1st; noon-1:30. Elizabeth C. will coordinate setting up and ordering the food. Laura GE will send out the email inviting people. As usual, LAUC-SD will provide sodas and pizza.

  3. UL action items
  • D. Hoffman & librarians in development
  • Harold C. will get in touch with Dyanne to see how much time she would need. If she only wants to talk to us for 30 minutes or less, we could make time at a future membership meeting. If she would like more time, we could set up a separate meeting, completely devoted to her topic, possibly in conjunction with R&PD.
  • Distinguished step discussion: nothing definite planned yet
  • CAPA action items from last cycle
  • Harold will ask CAPA chair (Anne), Maureen and Brian EC Schottlaender to lead a discussion at the next membership meeting
  • Recognition lunches: they are being scheduled with Brian
  • Upcoming meetings with Chair contingent (Harold C., Barbara S., Jenny R.): Harold sent request for dates to Lee Ann and hasn’t heard back yet
  1. Planning for Nov. 14: Membership meeting and Cathy Palmer visit
  • Cathy Palmer (30-45 minutes at the membership meeting). Cathy has asked to meet with Brian and there was time in his schedule. Harold will plan for other activities (lunch, tour?, etc).
  • CAPA discussion (Harold will contact Anne)
  • Oral reports from committee chairs
  • Assembly issues
  • UC-AFT update

Meeting adjourned at 11:30