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November 2000 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting


November 9, 2000
Geisel Library Training Room

Present: Christina Keil, Harold Colson, Barbara Slater, Jenny Reiswig, Elizabeth Cowell, Laura Galvan-Estrada, Craig Haynes

  1. Announcements
  2. Pizza Social
  • It was well attended (30 people) and people enjoyed the company and food.
  1. CAPA Report
  • The 99/00 CAPA committee had its debriefing meeting with Brian Schottlaender and LHR. Several issues arose during the process this year and they will be a discussion item at the next membership meeting. Some of the issues are:
  • Possibility of adjusting the calendar (add a review date for the review to be due to the department)—calendar is just a guideline but more detail could be added
  • Possibility of adding criteria to ARPM for Ad Hocs regarding barrier steps
  • Percentage of time given/devoted varied widely among the files (what’s reasonable?)
  • Brian will come to the November 14 membership meeting to express his expectations during this process
  1. Dyanne Hoffman and development
  • Harold has spoken to Dyanne and she says she can cover the issues she wants to convey to librarians in a 15-minute presentation; she will be invited to speak at the February membership meeting.
  1. Distinguished step letter to ULs (e-mail from Patsy Inouye via Cathy Palmer)
  • The statewide Professional Governance Committee has been given the task reviewing and responding to Position Paper 1, regarding the distinguished step (Jenny Reiswig is our representative on that committee).
  • Jenny sees a discrepancy between the charge given to Professional Governance and Patsy’s letter as to how to consult with ULs. Jenny would like other people from this campus to work with her on our response to the position paper, which she will take to the Professional Governance Committee (she will make an announcement at the next membership meeting)
  1. LAUC storage room (a request from Maureen)
  • Maureen has asked Harold if LAUC is willing to, in the short term, let her use our LAUC room for the needs of nursing mothers in the library. The group agreed it was ok as long as we are given another, comparable room, with enough room for storage (archives), desk, etc. Harold will talk to Maureen and see what the options and dates are and then pass on that information to the membership.
  1. Cathy Palmer visit arrangements
  2. Cathy will be meeting with Brian Schottlaender at 11 am. Harold, Barbara and Jenny will take her to lunch at the faculty club and then walk back to the membership meeting. She will leave UCSD as soon as the membership meeting is over.

  3. Membership meeting November 14 : Agenda building
  • Announcements
  • CAPA report and discussion on the review process (Anne Prussing and Brian Schottlaender)
  • Annual committee reports
  • UC-AFT updates (if any)

Meeting adjourned at 11:30