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March 2001 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting

March 8, 2001
Geisel Library Training Room

Present: H. Colson (chair), E. Cowell, C. Haynes, J. Reiswig, B. Slater, L. Galván-Estrada (secretary/recorder)
Absent: C. Keil (vacation)

CAPA Report (C. Haynes)
  • CAPA has received 8 review files, so far. The appointment of Ad Hocs is required in two of these files. Regarding the calendar, it has been reported by at least 2 review initiators that the receipt of letters is again slowing the process. In addition, CAPA has received and reviewed 5 appointment files. In an effort to maintain the calendar, through the months of March and April, CAPA will meet two times per week: Wednesdays and Fridays for 1.5 hours.

"Distinguished" issues update (J. Reiswig)

  • Jenny received about 15 surveys back; she will share the feedback with the executive board later today and at her statewide meeting on March 12th. As was expected, there is no consensus on this issue.
"MOU and You" (B. Slater)
  • The LAUC-SD Executive Board has asked B. Slater to lead a line by line review of the changes to the new contract, along with J. Reiswig and someone from LHR. The goal is to highlight changes and implications for LAUC members. Barbara has met with Jenny and Maria Din and once they have their work completed they will schedule a LAUC-SD meeting(s) in late March or April to report on the findings .
5th floor update & LAUC journal backfiles (H. Colson)
  • The move of the active collection and furniture to the new lauc room will take place in the summer.
  • At the last LAUC-SD membership meeting it was decided not to keep archiving old issues of journals. The issues to be discarded will be offered to fill gaps in library subscriptions and the remaining offered to the membership.
  • H. Colson will be looking at the best way to discard of old material from the LAUC room and contacting the appropriate individuals for assistance
Bruce gift (all)
  • There was discussion on what to get for our departing AUL. E. Cowell volunteered to do the shopping and bring the gift to the party.
Spring pizza (all)
  • We agreed on having a pizza social on March 27th. L. Galván-Estrada volunteered to send out the invitation, take RSVP's and make the arrangements at Round Table.
June Meeting Schedule (all)
  • Due to ALA and other conflicts, both the executive board and the membership meetings in June were rescheduled. The membership meeting will take place on June 5th and the executive board meeting will take place on June 21st.