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July 2001 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting

July 12, 2001
Geisel Library Training Room

Present: H. Colson (chair), E. Cowell, C. Haynes, C. Keil, J. Reiswig, B. Slater, L. Galván-Estrada (secretary/recorder)


  • Harold is coordinator the LAUC room change with John Elmore. Once he has a date, he will call for volunteers to weed and help with the move.
  • A GIS specialist has been offered the job. He will start August 21.
  • Treasurer's report: our balance is $612.94 after the pizza social.

CAPA Report (C. Haynes)

  • UL final letters to candidates have gone or are about to go out to all candidates.
  • CAPA is preparing its list of issues for the debriefing session with LHR and the Admin Team.
  • Sam Dunlap will be next year's CAPA Chair.

Committee volunteers (H. Colson)

  • H. Colson has sent out a message to the membership to request participation in local and statewide LAUC committees. The response has been good so far and he will send out another reminder before the August 9th transition meeting.

Transition planning (All)

  • Everyone involved has been notified of the date. A. Perez (incoming secretary) is the only one unable to attend. S. Dunlap, incoming CAPA chair, will be invited to attend.
  • Committee assignments will be made.
  • Discussion of potential topics for membership meetings.
  • Set dates for membership and executive board meetings

5th floor update & LAUC journal backfiles (H. Colson)

  • The move of the active collection and furniture to the new lauc room will take place in the summer.
  • At the last LAUC-SD membership meeting it was decided not to keep archiving old issues of journals. The issues to be discarded will be offered to fill gaps in library subscriptions and the remaining offered to the membership.
  • H. Colson will be looking at the best way to discard of old material from the LAUC room and contacting the appropriate individuals for assistance

Meeting with University Librarian (All)

Issues to be discussed during the meeting with B.E.C. Schottlaender and LAUC-SD's current, past and incoming chairs:

  • Year-end wrap up and review of issues that might be coming up next year.
  • Discuss next steps on the the discussion of the aging of librarians. What are we doing to mentor leaders? How do we respond, internally, to high-level retirements? Should this be a Cabinet discussion?
  • CAPA issues/highlights.
  • Librarian recognition/awards.
  • Union becoming stronger on this campus.

Meeting adjourned at 11 a.m.