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February 2001 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting

February 8, 2001
Library Training Room, Geisel


Present: H. Colson, B. Slater, C. Keil, J. Reiswig, L. Galvan-Estrada, C. Haynes
Absent: E. Cowell

Announcements: none

1. CAPA Report (C. Haynes)

  • The February 1st deadline has passed for candidates to turn in their review to review initiators. The next deadline is March 1st for reviews to be turned in to LHR/CAPA.
  • CAPA met yesterday:
  • Reviewed the list of candidates that are up for review this year and what their options are, in light of the new contract
  • Maureen will conduct workshops for review initiators to explain options and answer questions and will meet with the candidates individually to explain their options. There are about 21 people being reviewed this year. [Executive Board suggested a brief explanation of the transition at the LAUC-SD membership meeting]
  • CAPA reviewed one appointment
  • Discussed SDM language; discussion will be opened after this review period
  • Distinguished step discussion
  • Recommended that a task force be set up to review and explain the new contract to the membership. H. Colson asked B. Slater and J. Reiswig if they could serve in this function. They agreed and will consult with CAPA and LHR as needed

2. LAUC statewide Executive Board meeting report (H. Colson)

  • C. Palmer has visited some other campuses and will visit the remaining before Spring Assembly
  • The chair of the Diversity Committee has left the UC unexpectedly and the position needs to be filled
  • The chair of the Professional Governance committee became ill for an extended period of time; C. Palmer is expecting things will be back on track soon
  • Bylaws amendments were overwhelmingly approved; they will now go to UCOP to be approved by President Atkinson and then they will become effective
  • The slate (president & secretary) for statewide elections will be due April 5th. The election has to be held by June 1st. San Diego is one of the campuses eligible this year. We will have our local elections at the same time
  • CDL-UL search committee (R. Lucier replacement) is being formed at a high level (faculty, ULs, CDL representatives, LAUC president, etc.)
  • Spring Assembly will be held April 26 & 27 at Irvine
  • Each division will receive a copy of the videotape of the presentation by Stanley Wilder on the aging of librarians. H. Colson will get in touch with N. Stimson (R&PD) to schedule a viewing when the video arrives
  • More talk on the taskforce for UL/CDL Advisory structures; our representatives are L. Barnhart, K. Cargille, and B. Westbrook. ULs will be talking about this in a meeting in late April so the group will have some of its findings/recommendations by then
  • Discussion of the LAUC webpage redesign. A. Duda, the webmaster, took some input from the group and some of the recommendations are already reflected on the site
  • Discussion on distinguished step and Professional Governance Committee:
  • The ULs responded to C. Palmer in a letter from Allan J. Dyson (1/4/01) in response to a letter from P. Inouye (11/13/00). They don’t think criteria can be implemented statewide but it is up to each campus
  • Shared statistics on number of faculty at each rank/step, campus by campus as well as librarians by rank/step at each campus.
  • Email messages have been exchanged between LAUC and UCOP on what is the role of LAUC in setting up criteria for reaching the distinguished step. There was some discussion on the decoupling of the distinguished step from the salary scale. The distinguished step is now explicit for the non-represented librarians but not the represented librarians.
  • LAUC received a response from Judd King to the resolution about encouraging UC administrators to consider library buildings as they work on their capital planning process that was made at the Spring Assembly last year. C. Palmer is working on a response to the J. King letter, which really didn’t address the heart of the issue.

3. Buddy for Steve Lawson

  • J. Reiswig volunteered to be his LAUC buddy; H. Colson will give her a buddy packet.

4. Agenda building for membership (continued from the last meeting):

  • D. Hoffman on librarians and development (15 min.)
  • LHR on options available to candidates under the new contract/CAPA report (20 min)
  • R&PD on routed journals (15 min)
  • Professional governance on distinguished step discussion (J. Reiswig)
  • H. Colson’s Feb. 2nd executive board report
  • Announcement about Tempe program
  • Announcement of LAUC room
  • Announcement on bylaws vote
  • Potential future programs
  • Acknowledgement of Bruce’s new job
  • Announcement of task force to review contract (B. Slater)

Meeting adjourned at 11:50