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December 2000 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting

December 14, 2000
Geisel Library Training Room

Present: Harold Colson, Christina Keil, Jennifer Reiswig, Barbara Slater, Elizabeth Cowell, and Laura Galván-Estrada

  1. Announcements
  • H. Colson thanked Laura for helping organize the LAUC social
  • H. Colson thanked everyone who helped with the LHR interviews; Harold has sent the comments from the interview groups to Maureen
  1. Fall Assembly Report:

H. Colson: notable items from the executive board:

  • There is an adhoc LAUC group looking University Librarians Advisory Structure, up for sunset review in 2001. The adhoc group is headed by Andrea Duda of UCSB
  • Cathy Palmer is looking for a LAUC representative to the system-wide copyright team; she reported on her visit to and peer review came up at every campus; the task of the Professional Governance committee of looking at the distinguished step was mentioned
  • Heads up about the impending change in Melvyl and it’s A&I databases (those will be taken off the "catalog" system and implemented via their commercial vendors). This has big implications for all of us; a taskforce on A&I transition is being formed but we haven’t gotten a call for volunteers; campus should take a very proactive role in how to respond to this.

    Myron report:

  • Regents are preparing the new budget which will most likely include a minimum 4% cost of living increase, supplemental requests for certain fields and proposal for retirement system
  • Fee waivers are being endorsed by everyone; the issue is on hold until some wrinkles are ironed out; they are hoping to waive the educational fee for children and spouses of UC employees
  • Hiring for tidal wave II: UC only getting about 350 of the 700 needed, market is very competitive
  • Legislative analysts are looking at UC on the issues of women and minority hiring of faculty; it was brought up that librarians could be brought back to the faculty ranks and alleviate the women’s part; Myron pondered on that

    J. Reiswig, C. Keil and H. Colson's remarks on the Assembly:

  • Bylaws vote; Barbara Slater has been receiving our ballots and will seal them and send them out
  • Discussion and video on the aging of our profession, there was discussion about what attracted people to the profession and what keeps them there; copies of the video will be distributed to the local chapters which can be shown at a membership meeting
  • Patsy Inouye is on the search committee for the UL for UC Merced; she has had a site visit [Phyllis is also on that search committee]; the campus is to be opened 2004.
  • They are seeking volunteers from the southern campuses (SD, SB and Riverside) for nominations for president.

    The Spring Assembly will be at UCI, April 27; Exec Board on April 26

  1. Meeting with UL (dec 5, Harold, Jenny, Barbara)
  • They reviewed the action items from last time: Dyanne Hoffman confirmed speaker for membership meeting; R&PD is working on a program about the Tempe principles; B. Schottlaender gave a report on the recognition lunch he had with librarians who were promoted; confirmed meetings for late April and early June
  • Discussion about review related issues and implications about the new ratified contract
  • Discussion about letter from Patsy about Distinguished Step and criterion 1. B. Schottlaender thinks that excellence in criterion 1 is necessary but not sufficient to receive the distinguished step. There is some confusion about the intention of this letter, especially when Professional Governance has already been asked to look at it; why did the letter come from Patsy and not Cathy?; Cathy Palmer and chair of Professional Governance will talk to the ULs
  • Discussion about how to include SDM in librarians’ review documents. B. Schottlaender would like to see SDM. He acknowledges that a lot of staff haven’t had SDM training but somehow we need to integrate it. CAPA will be asked to include in the items to be reviewed. Craig was asked to bring it with CAPA and then include this issue in his email to the membership about the ranking of responsibilities.
  1. CAPA Issues (including ranking/percentage on review job description matter)
    Recommendation: Responsibilities to be listed in priority order with percentages within (only category A)
  2. Treasurer’s Report:
    We have a $900 balance after the pizza social
  3. SOPAG task force on access integration
    H. Colson did not receive any volunteers
  4. More lunches, this time with Head of SSHL candidates:
    January 5th : H. Colson [later taken by Barbara when Harold was given an official interview role]
    January 8th: B. Slater