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August 2001 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting: Transition Meeting

August 16, 2001
SSH Research Services Conference Room

Present: B. Slater, E. Valdez, H. Colson, E. Cowell, Shanon Lawson, J. Reiswig, S. Dunlap, C. Haynes, C. Keil, L. Galvan-Estrada


  • Thanks were expressed to all outgoing executive board members and incoming members were welcomed.
  • A copy of the MOU should be in our mailboxes soon.

Treasurer’s Report (L. Galván-Estrada)

Balance stands at $612.94

CAPA Report (C. Haynes)

C. Haynes provided us with a summary of the CAPA year, in terms of when files were turned in, ad hoc committees appointed, etc. CAPA is currently conducting a survey of the review process.

The group asked for clarification on some issues and potential topics for the debriefing with LHR and Cabinet were discussed, such as: Whether or not SDM and Principles of Community language be included in the ARPM, delays in appointments of Ad Hoc committees, lateness of review letters and how that affects the review process as a whole.

It was noted that Ad Hoc chairs should be notified by LHR of the outcome of their work. C. Haynes will remind LHR. It was also pointed out that it would be nice to notify the membership of the outcomes of this review cycle, such as advancements, promotions, etc. C. Haynes will ask B. Schottlaender to send an e-mail message to LAUC-SD.

CAPA will deliver its annual report the first membership meeting.

LAUC lunches update (H. Colson)

H. Colson thanked all for taking care of the recent flurry of lunches with candidates.

Statewide Executive Board meeting August 17 preview (H. Colson & J. Reiswig)

Harold distributed agenda as FYI. H. Colson and J. Reiswig will attend

Report from meeting with Brian (H. Colson, B. Slater, and J. Reiswig)

Brian likes these meetings and would like to continue with them next year. LAUC-SD thanked him for his cooperation and attendance at meetings. Discussion items included:

  • Fall session to recruit students and staff into the librarian profession
  • B. Slater raised the issue of building leaders from within our ranks, as upper level managers retire throughout the profession and what implications/potential that has locally. There is a need for leadership development and LAUC-SD can play a role in that.
  • Placement of goals in the review process: Brian strongly supports goals being part of the formal review process. [This last point resulted in a discussion during the meeting of the need of a strategic plan/goals for the UCSD Libraries and noted as a topic for a future membership meeting.]

LAUC room transfer update (H. Colson)

No updates as some of the parties involved have been out.

R&PD request regarding LAUC-SD Web calendar (H. Colson)

R&PD requested to include their events in the main LAUC-SD calendar. They just need to send the information to the secretary and she will post them. It was noted that there might be enough licenses to use the Web events calendar software and will check with IOC about license.


Establish meeting schedules for new academic year (A. Perez will book room(s))

Membership meetings 2-4 p.m.

September 18, November 20, January 15, March 19, May 21 2-4

Executive board meetings 10:10-Noon

September 13, October 11, November 8, December 13, January 10, February 14, March 14, April 11, May 9, June 6, July 11, August 8 (transition mtg.)

Committee appointments for new year (Jenny will send contact the volunteers)

Susan Jurist, Nancy Stimson

Anna Gold, Rob Melton

Cultural Diversity
Leslie Abrams, Julie Yang

Statewide Professional Governance
Laura Galván-Estrada

Travel instructions for delegation

Jenny distributed the procedures for getting reimbursed for statewide travel.

Meeting adjourned at noon.