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October 1996 Minutes

LAUC Executive Board
October 11, 1996
Special Collections Meeting Room; 10-11:30am

Present: L. Claassen (chair), L. Abrams, T. Dearie, V. Steele, K.
Whitley (recorder)
Absent: R. Gustafson

1) Lynda announced statewide LAUC Fall Assembly -- November 7,8 -- in
Berkeley. Lynda, Ginny and Ruth must attend. Other LAUC board members
may attend if they wish.

2) LAUC membership

Phyllis Mirsky and Mary Horres are now in MAP series and cannot be
official LAUC members. After some discussion it was agreed to
remove their names from membership list (for voting privileges,
etc.), but retain their names on the LAUC cc:Mail list.

It was clarified that the R&PD chair may attend Executive Board meetings
as needed.

Membership contributions notices will be sent out soon.

Julie Sih was representative to statewide publication "New Horizons..."
Lynda will ask for a volunteer to replace her. [Craig Haynes is our
new rep.]

Ginny Steel volunteered to be the LAUC buddy for the new BML librarian,
and Kathy will send Ginny a new members packet for Ginny to discuss
with her.


a) "Participation" Language change
Tammy pointed out that the CAPA review guidelines language had been
revised (by Julie Sih, et al.), moving participation in LAUC
committees from to Part A from Part C. LAUC membership
approved the wording. Jackie will be taking this version to the
Academic Affairs Committee and the union for their review and
final endorsement. Library Personnel Office will have paper
copies and will also post to the Web site.

b) UL letters from previous reviews
Ginny brought up question of whether the UL letters covering previous
reviews should go with the current packet to department heads, since
issues may have been raised in these letters that should be addressed in
the current review. Tammy will clarify with Jackie.

c) PERT language
Both this year's and last year's CAPA have looked at the language
Richard drafted for inclusion in the guidelines, and feel the membership
should look at it.
ACTION: Tammy will propose the suggested wording in LAUC meeting for
approval by membership.

d) Accelerated promotions
During the last CAPA review period questions arose about what should
constitute appropriate guidelines for "accelerated" promotions. There
were several documents requesting accelerated advancement in the last
review, but each was so different it was difficult to come up with
general guidelines. Kari has drafted an initial document. The question
arose about whether people are taking on more work related to having
fewer staff or is the overall level of expected activity risen.
ACTION: Decision was to put on LAUC agenda for membership to discuss and
try to come up with a final white paper of guidelines. CAPA will also
have a discussion with the UL and AULs along these lines.

4) New Business

a) The topic of the implications of the PPD for librarians will be put
on the LAUC meeting agenda for discussion.

Adjourned at 11:30am

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Whitley