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July 1995 Minutes

LAUC-SD Exec. Board meeting minutes (7/14/95)

Present: Leslie Abrams, Karen Cargille, Lynda Claassen,
Harold Colson, Tammy Dearie, Craig Haynes, Elliot Kanter
(chair), Elizabeth Robinson (recorder), Barbara Slater.

[Note: The above includes members of both the current Board
and newly-elected members.]


1. Leslie indicated that Janet Tait will be using the
LAUC-SD Office while the building is under reconstruction
due to the recent flood.

2. Elliot announced that the statewide executive board
transitional meeting will be held August 2. No agenda items
had been forward at the time of today's meeting.


1. Karen asked that new committee chairs for CAPA, CDC, and
R&PD be selected and forwarded to her by July 21. Harold,
Craig, and Leslie will poll their respective committees.

2. The group discussed and approved committee appointments
for the new year.

3. Committee Reports:

a. No reports for R&PD and CDC.

b. Harold reported that CAPA had completed all but one file
(out of 23 files). There will be a followup meeting
with Jerry this summer, and CAPA will also present to the
Board a document on the evaluation experience this year.

c. Lynda reported that the Academic Senate Library
Committee had discussed a request brought by the San Diego
Independent Scholars for recall privileges of library
materials for non-UCSD clientele. The faculty affirmed our
current policy of granting recall privileges only to UCSD
faculty, staff, and students.
The Committee also had discussed the salary bifurcation
issue. Faculty were supportive of librarians remaining
grouped with teaching faculty as regard salary issues.

4. The group then discussed welcome packets for new
librarians. R&PD will review the current packet to see if
there are things that need to be added (including possibly a
snapshot of the LAUC-SD homepage). LAUC-SD will continue to
use the current packet until a new one is ready.

5. There was discussion concerning the proper use of the
LAUC-SD office and its equipment. Leslie will send a
reminder to the LAUC-SD list. Karen will bring the issue to

6. The Board is planning a welcome party, tentatively scheduled
for October 6, to welcome recent arrivals and also to honor
Beverly Renford as outgoing statewide LAUC President. Cynthia
Jahns will continue work on this. At the next Board meeting,
Susan Starr will be able to report to the group what funds
LAUC-SD has for purchasing a gift for Beverly.

7. Committee annual reports will be due and new committee
appointments will go into effect on September 1.

Next meeting: August 11, 10am-12pm, Special Collections
Seminar Room.