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March 1995 Minutes

 Minutes, LAUC Executive Board

March 10, 1995

Absent: L. Abrams


1. C. Haynes will attend Spring Assembly for K. Cargille

2. The question arose as to whether to have a LAUC lunch for both
candidates for Infopath Director, since one was not a librarian.
It was decided it would be beneficial to have lunches for both.

Nomination Committee

Anne Prussing is chair of the LAUC-SD committee, and Kari Lucas
is the second member.

CAPA Update

H. Colson reported that the review cycle is going well. The new
guidelines appear to be working. He will give an update at the
membership meeting.

Some discussion ensued on whether the new guidelines, which now
exist only as a memo from J. Hanson, should be codified in our
procedures. Consensus was that it would be safest to codify the
procedures, so that new members would be aware of them and people
wouldn't forget over time.


B. Westbrook will report for R&PD at Tuesday's membership
meeting. Cultural Diversity has no report, however they did host
a recent staff discussion on careers in librarianship which was
attended by 16 library staff members.

Division news

Irvine has an annual report each year for LAUC which includes
their objectives. UCLA is discussing the same kinds of issues
regarding encouraging research as have been addressed here at
UCSD. UCLA also has a librarian of the year award which we might
want to adopt. E. Kanter will raise this at the membership

Salary Issue

The Board reviewed the draft of a letter E. Kanter wrote to
Chancellor Atkinson on the subject of grouping non Senate
Academics with staff rather than faculty in salary issues. G.
Lowell has written to both the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor
(Academic Affairs) on this issue.

Video Conference Agenda Items

E. Kanter reviewed the items on the agenda for the Statewide
Executive Board Video Conference March 15. The Board discussed a
message from C. Eckman regarding possibly establishing UC
Systemwide Web pages. E. Kanter will send the message to the