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December 1994 Minutes

Minutes, LAUC Executive Board Meeting

December 2, 1994

Present: Jahns, Kanter, Cargille, Haynes, Colson, Starr, Prussing

Absent: Abrams

1. Minutes of the last Executive Board Meeting were approved.

2. The Treasurer reported a balance of $819.51

3. Announcements

LAUC monthly lunches will start again in January. Anne
Prussing will try to also schedule a farewell lunch for Tami

4. CAPA document

At the last LAUC-SD membership meeting, it was agreed that a
small committee would be formed to look at ways to streamline
peer review. Colson distributed a suggested revision based on
the work of a committee consisting of the current CAPA plus two
former CAPA members (Cargille and Stewart). The suggestion will
be discussed at the membership meeting on December 5, 1994.

5. Bylaws vote.

The proposed change in the bylaws to change the word
"chairperson" to "chair" and to create a standing Committee on
Cultural Diversity will be voted upon at the December 5, 1994
membership meeting.

6. Research and Professional Development Committee

Abrams will report briefly on the committee's work at the
membership meeting. They had a 50% response rate to their survey
of possible use of R&PD funds and needs for programs. The survey
responses still need to be discussed by the committee before
being distributed to the membership.

7. LAUC-SD Archives

Special Collections feels it is inappropriate for them to
continue to house the LAUC-SD archives because 1)they do not meet
the criteria for deposit of Archives in the UCSD Special
Collections, 2) they lack the resources to process them and 3)
their historical value is limited now that the LAUC History has
been published.

A committee will be formed to review the LAUC-SD Archives and
recommend guidelines for what should be kept, where it should be
housed, and what bylaws changes may be needed to clarify the
policies for the LAUC-SD Archives. Committee members: Kanter,
Cargille, Starr, and, if possible, Westbrook. Kanter will report
back on this topic as well from the Statewide Executive Board
meeting where Archives are on the agenda.

9. Progress reports:

a. Pathways to LAUC - Kanter, Lucas and Prussing met to follow up
on the LAUC participation survey. They are preparing a document
with information on LAUC-SD history, officers, responsibilities,
expectations for members, committee structures, value and benefit
of participation, and statewide officers and committees. The
Vice Chair/Chair Elect will be charged to update this document
each year; all members will have a copy. A draft will be given
to Executive Board members by Feb. 1, 1995.

b. LAUC Home Page

UCOP is now maintaining a statewide LAUC Gopher, with links to
gophers at the Division level. LAUC-SD will therefore continue
to maintain local information on a gopher server, so that other
Divisions can access it, while at the same time maintainig a
LAUC-SD WWW home page on Infopath. Kanter will ask Stave to
develop a process for routinely updating the LAUC-SD information.

10. LAUC-SD Committee minutes

After some discussion, it was agreed that it would be advisable
for two LAUC-SD committees, R&PD and Affirmative Action (Cultural
Diversity) to distribute summary minutes to the membership. R&PD
already prepares minutes. Affirmative Action will be asked to
prepare minutes or summaries, at their discretion.