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January 1994 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting
January 14, 1994, 10:00am-11:30am

Present: C. Jahns, E. Kanter, R. Lindemann, K. Lucas (recorder),
A. Prussing (chair), B. Renford, C. Stave


1. Room 506 is wired. C. Jahns and J. Jacobs will test
connections. C. Jahns will make an announcement of the
hard/soft ware and other items resident in the room soon.
The key is kept at the Circulation Desk with a sign-out
sheet. In addition, each Research & Professional
Development Committee member has a key. In addition to
current LAUC-SD members, Anita Schiller has room use
privileges as part of her emeriti status package.


1. LAUC-SD Ad Hoc Committee on Affirmative Action
A. Prussing is in contact with the continuing members of the
committee to determine the chair. There will be a co-chair
arrangement. C. Stave has agreed to be one of the chairs.
A. Prussing will announce when the other chairs has been

With the acceptance of the Cultural Diversity Committee at
the systemwide level as a standing committee, A. Prussing
will ask the -SD committee to submit a proposal for status
as a standing committee of the -SD division.

2. Proposal for the Use of $3,000 of R&PD Money
C. Jahns proposes to add $3,000 of R&PD money to the
Professional Development funds used to underwrite travel and
program/conference/course registration fees for LAUC
members. Additionally there is $1,800 in the committee's
budget, for a total of 4,800. This would equal about $80
more for LAUC-SD members.

3. Fall Assembly Action Items and Follow-up

Peer Review Statistics Collection: Statewide wants
feedback on whether -SD wants to continue reporting
statistics (mandated by Bylaws)? An option is to
suspend reporting with the rationale being that it is
unclear what the statistics are used for, that
comparing campuses is unequal, and that at smaller
campuses confidentiality could be compromised.

Status of Retired LAUC members: The Committee on
Committees, Rules and Jurisdictions is trying to
clarify the status of retired librarians and determine
if LAUC wants to change their status. Some vagaries of
language and several difference between systemwide
bylaws and divisional bylaws have been uncovered.

Additional Steps in Librarian Series: Issue put on

LAUC Brochures/logo: Each division received 20 copies
fo the newly created brochure. Since, it seems, there
are a multiplicity of uses for this item, A. Prussing
will order more brochures from the systemwide
secretary, Heidi Hutchinson (UCR). The topic of
promotional items for LAUC resulted in K. Lucas
volunteering to develop some mock-ups and preview them
at a future membership meeting.

LAUC Listserv: A. Prussing called for volunteers to
assist in implementing a systemwide LAUC listserv as an
ad hoc activity. She will announce at the Tuesday
membership meeting and request that all interested
parties contact her and she will forward their names to
appropriate systemwide contacts.

LAUC-SD Gopher: E. Kanter and C. Stave volunteer to
work on getting a LAUC-SD gopher mounted via INFOPATH.

4. Faculty Senate Library Committee
E. Kanter will distribute official minutes when he receives
them. Since the next meeting is scheduled for Monday,
February 7 and Elliot cannot attend, A. Prussing will
substitute, if the meeting is indeed held on the 7th.

5. Treasurer's Report
R. Lindemann reported about $430.00 in the account. He
indicated that the final treasurer's report is still under
formulation by A. Perez due to the issue of the outstanding
payment to LAUC-SD by the Office of the President for Spring
Assembly 3 years ago at -SD. B. Renford indicated that A.
Perez should contact J. Wilson, LAUC President to facilitate
payment of the outstanding funds.