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November 1993 Minutes

Minutes November 19
Biomedical Library History Room 10:00 a.m.

Present: Ruth Gustafson, Cynthia Jahns, Elliot Kanter, Richard
Lindemann, Anne Prussing (Chair), Beverly Renford, Chris Stave.

CAPA Update

B. Renford reported that meetings among outgoing and incoming CAPA
members and G. Lowell were ongoing. These meetings focus on issues
and procedures. A document outlining these matters will be
distributed to the membership in anticipation of the November
membership meeting, where a full discussion of the issues is

Treasurer's Report

R. Lindemann reported that the recent calls for membership
contributions had resulted in 36 responses and a total income of
$370. The Board recommended a third call, which will be made
during the first week of December.

Ensuing comments included A. Prussing's suggestion that the Board
explore the nature and extent of funding sources at other UC
campuses as these funds relate to operating expenses. R. Lindemann
will draft such a query for A. Prussing's review and then transmit
it via email to other chapter treasurers.

Further discussion considered the appropriateness of using local
treasury monies to pay for required lunches that form part of the
scheduled program at Assemblies. Currently, these are paid for
personally even though they are a necessity to the business at
hand. C. Jahns moved, and B. Renford seconded, that this expense
be reimbursable from the LAUC-SD treasury since it is an obligation
rather than a choice or privilege. The motion passed unanimously.

Forwarding Email

The Board agreed that A. Prussing should forward to them all email
communications from other divisions and from statewide. The Board
further agreed that the Chair should assess and forward to the
membership those messages that are appropriate to the membership at

LAUC-SD Gopher

Disseminating minutes and other LAUC documents led to a discussion
about establishing a local gopher to post a variety of files that
would be useful to the membership. UC Santa Barbara currently has
such a gopher in place, where division minutes, LAUC-SB rosters and
other information is posted. Mounting documents pertaining to
promotion, review and appointment (ARM, APM, MOU), as well as such
documents as bylaws and position papers, might be useful in
providing convenient and up-to-date versions of documents that
frequently undergo revision. Planning for the structure and
content of such a gopher, compiling text in machine-readable
format, maintaining and revising the files when needed, and linking
these files with data already available in MELVYL were all
identified as points requiring careful consideration. This topic
will be pursued further as a discussion item at the next membership

ROOM 506

The research room managed by the Research and Professional
Development Committee remains marginally useful because network
linkage remains impossible. Requested service from Systems for
wiring is only partially completed; C. Jahns will inquire of R.
Corbin about the status of this request.