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October 1993 Minutes

Minutes October 13
Biomedical Library History Room 2:30 p.m.

Present: Ruth Gustafson, Elliot Kanter, Richard Lindemann, Kari
Lucas, Anne Prussing (Chair), Beverly Renford, Chris Stave.

VERIP Tribute

LAUC-SD will host a lunch at the Faculty Club, and all LAUC members
taking VERIP will be our guest. Anne will broadcast an
announcment, and the date will be October 19 at 11:30 a.m.

Reimbursement from Statewide

Statewide has reaffirmed its obligation to reimburse us for local
funds that we expended for Spring Assembly 1991. Payment by check
is promised within 4-6 weeks.

Suggested Contribution Increase

Following up on previous discussions to increase the suggested $5
annual membership contribution, justifications for supporting the
increase were outlined. Anne and Richard will draft an argument to
present at the next membership meeting.

Membership Meeting Agenda

Statewide Executive Board Meeting -- Anne and Beverly will have
attended this meeting and will report to the membership.
CAPA -- Susan Starr will give a report of last year's activities
and introduce a number of issues for consideration by the
-- the membership must determine the method of filling the
current CAPA vacancy created by a retirement.
Membership Contribution Increase -- [see notes above].
Summary of UCSD Library Recruitments -- Jackie Hanson will present
a summary of both academic and staff positions recently posted
or filled.
Administrative Travel -- Jackie Hanson will lead a discussion on
library support for Administrative Travel (Jerry Lowell, who was
asked to participate, has a conflicting schedule and will be unable
to attend).