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September 1993 Minutes

Minutes September 29
Biomedical Library History Room 10 a.m.

Present: Ruth Gustafson, Cynthia Jahns, Elliot Kanter, Richard Lindemann, Kari Lucas, Anne Prussing (Chair), Beverly Renford, Chris Stave.

Committee Appointments

A CAPA vacancy created by the retirement of Sharon Anderson requires action. Since the bylaws are silent on this question, the board determined to call a special election. The Nominations/Election Committee will create a slate and hold elections to fill a one-year term.

All other committee vacancies were filled. A committee roster is attached to these minutes.

Membership Meetings

The schedule for Membership meetings is (venue to be announced):

October 19 2:30-4:15
November 23 2:30-4:15
January 18 2:30-4:15
February 15 2:30-4:15
April 26 2:30-4:30

The schedule for Executive Board meetings is:

October 13 2:30-4 BML History Room
November 19 10-11:30 BML History Room
January 14 10-11:30 BML History Room
February 11 10-11:30 BML History Room
March 11 10-11:30 BML History Room
April 22 10-11:30 BML History Room
May 20 10-11:30 BML History Room


A wrap-up report by last year's chair, Susan Starr, was proposed for the October 19 membership meeting. The secretary will contact her about appearing on the agenda.

Other Issues

LAUC Buddies--Executive Board members serve to welcome each new librarian and to orient that newcomer to the LAUC community, to discuss LAUC's functions, and to answer questions. A second, follow-up meeting is scheduled after a few months.

Cynthia Jahns will buddy with Beth Deahl; Ruth Gustafson will buddy with Julie Sih.

The Secretary will send welcome packets with email cover letters to each new librarian preliminary to "buddy meetings."

Further issues for membership meetings:

1. Discussion of administrative travel, to include Jerry Lowell, at October 19 membership meeting. ACTION: Anne Prussing will initiate with Jerry Lowell.
2. Recognition of VERIP retirees. ACTION: Kari Lucas will investigate memento possibilities; Anne Prussing will investigate cooperative possibilities for a Library-wide party.
3. Discussion of fund raising/membership contributions at October 19 membership meeting. ACTION: moratorium on soliciting this year's contributions until after that meeting.
4. Recognition of librarians for years of service. ACTION: tabled for future discussion.
5. Program possibility--address by Dean Stan Chodrow, who has a demonstrated interest in the relationship between libraries and academics. ACTION: tabled for future discussion about this and other program possibilities.
6. Room 506 update--the room is available for use and a key is available at the Circulation Desk, but there is still no network connection. ACTION: announcement of availability, and distribution of "use" guidelines are pending network

Respectfully submitted,
Richard Lindemann, Secretar LAUC-SD COMMITTEE ROSTER - 1993/94
(As of October 5, 1993)


Chair Anne Prussing 42229
Vice-chair/chair elect Elliot Kanter 41263
Secretary/Treasurer Richard Lindemann 40964
Member-at-Large Ruth Gustafson 46321
Delegate Christopher Stave 41205

CAPA (2 yr term)

Beverly Renford (2nd yr), chair 41195
Harold Colson (1st yr) 40619
Ginny Steel (1st yr) 41270
* vacant [Anderson]


Ad Hoc Committee on Affirmative Action

Ruth Gustafson (3rd yr) 46321
Alice Perez (3rd yr) 40827
Tami Echavarria (2nd yr) 41208
Christopher Stave (2nd yr) 41199
Elizabeth Robinson (1st yr) 48640
Esteban Valdez (1st yr) 41208


Kari Lucas (1 yr), chair 41209
Duffy Tweedy (1 yr) 44711
Alice Perez (1 yr) 40827

Research & Professional Development

Cynthia Jahns (3rd yr), chair 45726
Ronnie Coates (3rd yr) 45398
Susannah Galloway (2nd yr) 46443
Craig Haynes (2nd yr) 36520
Christy Hightower (2nd yr) 41216
Leslie Abrams (1st yr) 43221
Tami Weintraub (1st yr) 41203

UCSD Academic Senate Library Committee

Elliot Kanter (1 yr) 41263

Ad Hoc Committee on Electronic Publishing

Jim Jacobs (2nd yr) 41262

Committee on Committees, Rules, and Jurisdiction

Beverly Renford (2nd yr) 41195

Committee on Library Plans and Policies

Harold Colson (1st yr) 40619

Committee on Professional Governance

Becky Ringler (1st yr) 48640

Interim Committee on Cultural Diversity

Tami Echavarria (2nd yr) 41208

Research & Professional Development Committee

Ronnie Coates (2nd yr) 45398


Committee on Collection Development

Karl Lo (2nd yr) 47788

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