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At 7:30pm, SRTV aired a segment in which Muir College junior Yelena Akopian interviewed three students who planned to throw a similar "Black History Month" party. The students went on air complaining about the protests and defending their party as…


Another invitation has surfaced on Facebook to an off campus "Compton Party Part Deux" party encouraging partygoers to "come to this party in honor of your favorite cultural stereotype."

The creator of the invite calls the response to the first…


for those, like API's who aren't recognized as a minority and still looking to belong in an environment where stereotyping and racism is strongly present

As part of a reading response for CAT1A: Migration Narratives.

The story of a hidden clay installation called "Thirty Blocks" by visual artist Virginia Maksymowicz — a former UCSD graduate student from the class of 1977 — has survived for almost 40 years.

On May 10, 1970, a UCSD undergraduate, George…

Come and join us in creating a collective installation about howUCracism both on campus an [sic] beyond.


Assigned by my CAT class to show how we perceive the UCSD climate; I chose to create a collage of a selection of my own instagram posts, starting from when I first arrived on campus through late November.

These past few months I have been living in a campus that is blooming with life and excitement. I am surrounded by so many different students of a multitude of cultures and nationalities. UCSD has given me the opportunity to interact with numerous…

CAT 1: Migration Narrative

My artwork is a short yet powerful poem that paints my stance and view of the UCSD campus climate. The motivation of my artwork is two-fold: 1. an assignment my CAT class, 2. I felt compelled to share my perspective on the climate that I experienced…

When I first thought of how Asian Americans are portrayed in the minority world, I thought of it as a missing puzzle piece. Asian is just a generalized term to categorize people who live around relatively the same area of the world and there is so…

To show my impression of UCSD's climate

After certain events demonstrating anti-immigrant and anti-POC sentiment at UCSD, it can be easy for anyone to be distrustful of their fellow student. But I think the university is generally full of good people who don't aspire to bigotry, so I think…

This artwork is inspired by Angela Kong's Re-Examining Diversity Policy at UCSD, which addresses the segregation of the Asian American student population here on campus. An adaptation of UCSD's pie chart documenting the 2015 undergraduate class based…

Thirteen days after 1,200 students gathered to protest UC investment in South Africa's apartheid government, an equal number rallied Tuesday in the Revelle Plaza as a sign of solidarity for the Free South African Coalition . . .

Professor Herb…

Often, school authorities manage to cover up alarming events such as violent hate crimes before members of college and university communities realize what has occurred. By now, most of UCSD has heard of the recent confrontation concerning a group of…


2001-Anti-hate resolution.PNG
The [Associated Students] Council passed a resolution earlier this year in response [sic] the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, in which they resolved to promote a hate-free campus and to work to uphold the UCSD Principles of Community. This resolution…


It is for my CAT 1 class and our class is geared towards migration narrative. Now, we are looking at current dilemmas and trying to incorporate our experiences to add on to the conversation that is posed.

Assignment due for the CAT 1A course

The motivation of this piece is to bring awareness to the racism that still exists on UCSD's campus.

I thought a haiku would be an effective but subtle and thought provoking way to demonstrate a glaring problem that should be addressed.

To raise awareness and opinons about Asian American equality in policymaking at UCSD

The experience I painted is the experience that I have many times

I wanted to show how an Asian student could really felt when saw some of the encouraging cards from the TRITON MURAL at Revelle College

One time my friend asked me for help on a math problem, and I didn't know the solution, to which he responded with: "You're Asian, yet you can't do this?" That was the motivation behind my essay.

Written response for Professor Solomon's CAT 1 class.

I wrote and drew about how how felt since I came into college.

The University of California, San Diego has initiated a campus-wide campaign against racism in the wake of a student party that used a ghetto theme to mockingly commemorate Black History Month.

A web site launched Wednesday outlines the "Battle…


The drawing tries to portray how the people of UCSD possess a multitude of qualities and differences that one generally can not see on the surface. Having only been at UCSD for 9 weeks, I have come to realize that a lot of people here, including me,…

From Harriet Tubman to Nelson Mandela and Angela Davis, UC San Diego's newest public artwork portrays more than two dozen historical figures and national leaders, as well as several UC San Diego alumni and professors.

Unveiled at the Price Center…


The Black Resource Center is a Campus Community Center that serves everyone at UC San Diego while emphasizing the Black experience. It promotes scholarship, foster leadership, and cultivate community for students through the committed, collaborative…


From my experience, I was taught to be goal-oriented and to doing anything and everything I can to be successful in life. So, grades and learning are most important and if these social issues do not hinder my pathway to medicine school, I will not…

Freshman Orientation was the first day i had officially spent at UCSD, so of course everything was influential to me of how I would view the school. First impressions, I had an immediate culture shock to see the minority groups to be the majority of…

The "Compton Cookout" party incited outrage among black students and supporters on campus, who held a Campus Black Forum on Tuesday night to discuss the issue. The forum was hosted by the Students for Affirmative Action Committee, a coalition of…


A circle of many different colors to represent the campus climate at UCSD. The strokes are arranged in a pattern reminiscent of a flower.

The image I took was the library walk at UCSD. The reason I took this image to represent the campus climate is because the library walk is always full with people and it is interesting just by looking at the people pass by. San Diego is a diverse…

This was an assignment for our CAT 1 class in which we read a text b Angela Kong and had to analyze UCSD's campus climate.

Inspired by a paper and my own experience.

Class assignment.

After getting assigned a reading in class we had to respond and explain our perspective on the campus climate at UCSD. My poem was motivated by the events that happened during the "Compton Cookout" and the recent chalkings on campus, as well as the…

My motivation would have to be because of all of the repressed feelings I've had because this university fails to support my most vulnerable identities.

Inspired by Professor Amanda Solomon's CAT1 Class prompt: "reflect first creatively then critically on your own experience of UCSD in light of Kong's analysis of the Compton Cookout and the racial politics of the university."

My analysis of myself and the Asian-American community following my recognition of the stereotypes and passiveness of the Asian Pacific Islander community after reading the works of Angela Kong studying the Compton Cookout.

I was motivated to do this artwork because I wanted to be able to demonstrate what I see is happening on campus and be able to cultivate my ideas into a way that would bring up issues so that no one would get offended. The chalk writings on campus…

I wanted to simply and accurately express my feelings about how I perceived UCSD as a place and a space for all people.

A story of my experience with campus climate at UC San Diego and my thoughts on controversial racist events that occurred in the past.

A paper for my CAT class.

UCSD climate based on my experience so far at the University.
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