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Transcription: I second that. (drawing of an arrow point up at another post-it comment)

"another post-it comment:
These two are so right. (arrows pointing right and left to other post-its) This should not be temporary.
There should be a…

Transcription: I do not know hwhat [sic] it is? (smiley face drawing)

Transcription: Ur kinda cool I guess...

Transcription: I love it when people respect others for what they are Not (double underlined) where they came from!! #onelove

Transcription: I'm not from around here. I've never seen a student body's thoughts & discussions displayed so openly before.

Transcription: When the US went into Kuwait (The Gulf War) UCSD students protested by camping out in front of Hu(?) (Galbraith) and sat on I-5, stopping traffic
There is no mention of this

Transcription: Nate says thanks!!

Transcription: Truly inspiring and unique. I am amazed at all the lovely things UCSD has to offer. Go Tritons!

Transcription: Beautiful & thoughtful exhibit certainly makes me proud as an alum & soon-to-be-attorney to see how our university has been on the right side of history. Please consider making this permanent, it's a true gem!

Transcription: Completely agree with this (arrow pointing to another post-it comment) This should be a permanent exhibit. It is really (underlined) important to know campus history.

"Another post-it comment":
Transcription: I dislike the ways…

Transcription: We will build a ladder

Transcription: Straight swank daddy (thumbs up drawing)

Transcription: I dislike the ways the university placates its students. This art and history is a great display - but what about a sanctuary campus? How about divesting from coorporations [sic] that are trying to infringe on Native peoples' rights &…

Transcription: It's so cool and wonderful (interesting)! I (hearts drawing) it! -L.H.-

Transcription: Love UCSD! Tom & Shan

Transcription: Maybe one day I'll become a part of this (heart drawing)

Transcription: lit my dudes

Transcription: Glad we're engaging in these conversations. This exhibit needs more visibility. Love to all & have a great day (heart drawing) - ur local Chicana

Transcription: These two are so right. (arrows pointing right and left to other post-its) This should not be temporary.
There should be a permanent exhibit of UCSD's history, along with a fluid collection of student contributions.

Transcription: Thank you.

Transcription: Relevant (underlined)
Today + Always

Transcription: This is dystopia

Transcription: WOW! This library is truely inspiring!
(heart drawing) -Jenny O.

Transcription: So Coolio!! - SC

Transcription: Very Amazing!!

Transcription: awesome

Transcription: (drawing of interlocking arms and hands
with two figures with fists raised)

Transcription: Nice!
On Wednesday, February 1, 2017, the UC San Diego Library hosted “From Crisis to Change: The Student Experience & Activism on Campus.” The panel discussion included staff, faculty, and alumni who have been on the front lines of change at UC San…

Over the last few months I have written about the importance of engaging our Principles of Community. I write again today in light of recent incidents occurring on our campus following a particularly acrimonious election season. I am concerned about…

At least 500 UC San Diego students marched through the La Jolla campus and onto Interstate 5 early Wednesday to protest Donald Trump's presidential victory. University police said the crowd turned out shortly after midnight and grew to include at…

Identity Evropa (IE) is a white nationalist and fascist formation headed by Nathan Damigo, a veteran and former leader of the National Youth Front (NYF).

After holding a rally on UC Berkeley in May of 2016, Identity Evropa began a poster campaign…

Diversity expands our horizons, incubates ideas and knowledge, and challenges us to think differently.

It is not just about having a diverse population on campus, but about having frequent, meaningful interactions among diverse groups of people.…

Come and join us in creating a collective installation about howUCracism both on campus an [sic] beyond.

Like all great public research universities, our campus is home to diverse organizations, faculty, staff and students with a wide range of interests and points of view. Freedom of speech and expression are essential aspects of public universities as…

A series of incidents occurring on college and university campuses across the United States have reflected our nation's current divisive political climate. Unfortunately, late Friday evening graffiti promoting the deportation of undocumented…

As Chancellor, I am taking this opportunity to reaffirm the University of California, San Diego's commitment to creating and maintaining a harassment-free environment that promotes and encourages equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, and…

On the night of Friday April 8th, the University of California, San Diego campus was covered with anti-Mexican slogans chalked by supporters of presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Following a string of similar events throughout the country…

UC facilities offices will convert all single-stall restrooms in UC-owned buildings into gender-inclusive spaces by March 1. UC President Janet Napolitano adopted this measure, along with other efforts, in order to provide a more inclusive…

From Harriet Tubman to Nelson Mandela and Angela Davis, UC San Diego's newest public artwork portrays more than two dozen historical figures and national leaders, as well as several UC San Diego alumni and professors.

Unveiled at the Price Center…

A memorial to honor student activism for peace was recently unveiled at Revelle College. The idea for the memorial was spurred by a group of students in Thurgood Marshall College’s Dimensions of Culture (DOC) program after they learned about the…

The Raza Resource Centro (RRC) is one of the newest Campus Community Centers under the new Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at UC San Diego.

The Centro came out of a history of struggle, and student and community movements that…

The Black Resource Center is a Campus Community Center that serves everyone at UC San Diego while emphasizing the Black experience. It promotes scholarship, foster leadership, and cultivate community for students through the committed, collaborative…

A new center on campus created by Native students for Native students and Native Communities. The ITRC was opened Spring 2011 in alignment with the Native American Student Alliance's (NASA) purpose of fostering and creating community at UCSD for…

Working with [literature professor Jorge] Mariscal and students in the campus organization Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA), [Artist Mario] Torero created a 2 by 8 foot painting that included familiar faces (César Chávez), cultural…

UC San Diego police are investigating the discovery about 11 p.m. Monday of what appeared to be a white pillowcase that had been crudely reconstituted into a KKK-style hood with a hand-drawn symbol. It was placed on a statue outside the main campus…

I strongly condemn the offensive acts of hate and bias that have occurred over the past days. It is deplorable that while our students, faculty and staff work to heal the campus, a few misguided individuals tried to divide it. We are feeling real…

Crowds of students stormed and occupied the office of a University of California, San Diego chancellor for six hours Friday after a noose was found hanging from a bookcase in the main library (Goodman, 2010).

A noose was found hanging at the Geisel Library around 10 p.m. Thursday, according to campus police. Officers confirmed after noon Friday that one person was in custody in connection with the act which is considered a crime - hanging a noose with…
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