Exhibit Feedback


Exhibit Feedback


During the physical exhibit of Tell Us How UC It: A Living Archive (February 1 - March 30, 2017), feedback was accepted via post-it notes.

Items in the Exhibit Feedback Collection

Feedback 1
Transcription: Nice!

Feedback 2
Transcription: (drawing of interlocking arms and hands
with two figures with fists raised)

Feedback 3
Transcription: awesome

Feedback 4
Transcription: Very Amazing!!

Feedback 5
Transcription: So Coolio!! - SC

Feedback 6
Transcription: WOW! This library is truely inspiring!
(heart drawing) -Jenny O.

Feedback 7
Transcription: This is dystopia

Feedback 8
Transcription: Relevant (underlined)
Today + Always

Feedback 9
Transcription: Thank you.

Feedback 10
Transcription: These two are so right. (arrows pointing right and left to other post-its) This should not be temporary.
There should be a permanent exhibit of UCSD's history, along with a fluid collection of student contributions.

Feedback 11
Transcription: Glad we're engaging in these conversations. This exhibit needs more visibility. Love to all & have a great day (heart drawing) - ur local Chicana

Feedback 12
Transcription: lit my dudes

Feedback 13
Transcription: Maybe one day I'll become a part of this (heart drawing)

Feedback 14
Transcription: Love UCSD! Tom & Shan

Feedback 15
Transcription: It's so cool and wonderful (interesting)! I (hearts drawing) it! -L.H.-

Feedback 16
Transcription: I dislike the ways the university placates its students. This art and history is a great display - but what about a sanctuary campus? How about divesting from coorporations [sic] that are trying to infringe on Native peoples' rights &…

Feedback 17
Transcription: Straight swank daddy (thumbs up drawing)

Feedback 18
Transcription: We will build a ladder

Feedback 19
Transcription: Completely agree with this (arrow pointing to another post-it comment) This should be a permanent exhibit. It is really (underlined) important to know campus history.

"Another post-it comment":
Transcription: I dislike the ways…

Feedback 20
Transcription: Beautiful & thoughtful exhibit certainly makes me proud as an alum & soon-to-be-attorney to see how our university has been on the right side of history. Please consider making this permanent, it's a true gem!

Feedback 21
Transcription: Truly inspiring and unique. I am amazed at all the lovely things UCSD has to offer. Go Tritons!

Feedback 22
Transcription: Nate says thanks!!

Feedback 23
Transcription: When the US went into Kuwait (The Gulf War) UCSD students protested by camping out in front of Hu(?) (Galbraith) and sat on I-5, stopping traffic
There is no mention of this

Feedback 24
Transcription: I'm not from around here. I've never seen a student body's thoughts & discussions displayed so openly before.

Feedback 25
Transcription: I love it when people respect others for what they are Not (double underlined) where they came from!! #onelove

Feedback 26
Transcription: Ur kinda cool I guess...

Feedback 27
Transcription: I do not know hwhat [sic] it is? (smiley face drawing)

Feedback 28
Transcription: I second that. (drawing of an arrow point up at another post-it comment)

"another post-it comment:
These two are so right. (arrows pointing right and left to other post-its) This should not be temporary.
There should be a…

Feedback 29
Transcription: Its [sic] diverse & cultural

Feedback 30
Transcription: 1994 Alumni - I hope some of my brightest students will choose UCSD - Rochell

Feedback 31
Transcription: This exhibit makes me want to reflect. Display it somwhere more visible on campus.

Feedback 32
Transcription: May God give the university more wise.

Feedback 33
Transcription: POWERFULL [sic] But we still have ways to go 2% (box drawn around 2%) is too (double underlined) little

Feedback 34
Transcription: good

Feedback 35
Transcription: amazing! more people need to be aware of this (heart drawings)

Feedback 36
Transcription: It's such a shame Seuss' political artwork isn't recognized on a wider scale...
Thanks!! (heart drawing)

Feedback 37
Transcription: UCSD welcomes everyone (smiley face drawing)

Feedback 38
Transcription: Dream School (heart drawing) 2.19.2017

Feedback 39
Transcription: very interesting things going on.!

Feedback 40
Transcription: It's nice to hear different points of view. I love it. we are entering a new era of social justice protest. in this country. nice history lesson.

Feedback 41
Transcription: Love La Jolla. - UCSD...education system, please we need better lectures!

Feedback 42
Transcription: weird and cool and amazing I lik [sic] it

Feedback 43
Transcription: Lit Lit

Feedback 44
Transcription: Everyday is new! Happy (drawing of heart with smiley face)

Feedback 45
Transcription: Thank you!

Feedback 46
Transcription: I second that. (drawing of an arrow pointing up at another post-it comment)

Other post-it comment:
Lit Lit

Feedback 47
Transcription: Very thought provoking and relevant. I appreciated the student art. It was very impactful. Keep it up!

Feedback 48
Transcription: The Tell Us How UC it: A Living Archive (written inside a speech bubble) was powerful (underlined)! Thank you!

Feedback 49
Transcription: I like the Library Uriel Lopez

Feedback 50
Transcription: Remembering the old days. Class of 2000! F. Lopez


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