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Exhibit Feedback


During the physical exhibit of Tell Us How UC It: A Living Archive (February 1 - March 30, 2017), feedback was accepted via post-it notes.

From Crisis to Change: The Student Experience & Activism on Campus


Video of the panel held in conjunction with the opening of the Tell Us How UC It: A Living Archive physical exhibit on February 1, 2017.

Student Perspectives


To gather reflections to tell the story of the current feelings students have of UCSD's campus climate, submissions were solicited through campus flyers, direct communication with student community centers and residential life of each of the colleges, and through collaborations with faculty.

A History Timeline


The Living Archive timeline presents events and incidents from UC San Diego’s history that affected its students and compelled them to act.

The timeline is by no means comprehensive. The text is exclusively direct quotations drawn from the sources consulted. The events documented are parts of a larger history and are meant to inspire research and begin a conversation.