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Slovenia: Formulaic Matrix
Slovenia Primary Districts Secondary Districts
Partisan Cartels -- (2) Seats unallocated in step 1 are aggregated at the national level and distributed by PR-d'Hondt, on the basis on each cartel's remainder vote (the sum of all remainders from associated constituency lists). Only cartels which would win at least three seats were all seats allocated at the national level by PR-d'Hondt on the basis of the total vote cast are eligible to participate.
Lists (1) Each list gets as many seats as there are whole Hare quotas contained in its vote. (3) Seats awarded to partisan cartels in step 2 are reallocated to each cartel's component lists as follows. Each constituency lists's remainder is expressed as a fraction of the quota in its constituency. The cartel seats are then awarded to constituency lists by the order of their proportional remainders, ignoring lists from constituencies all of whose seats have already been allocated.
Candidate (4) Seats awarded to lists in step 1 and 3 are reallocated to each list's candidates as follows. Each candidate on each list is associated with one (or two) geograpahically defined subdistricts. The candidates on each list are ranked in terms of the percentage of the total vote each has received in his or her sub-district. The top candidates on the list get the seats to which their list is entitled. --
90-member National Assembly. The Italian and Hungarian minorities are each entitled to a single Deputy, with election by a preferential vote system.