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Poland: Formulaic Matrix
Poland Primary Districts Secondary Districts (national)
National Lists -- (4) 69 seats are awarded by the modified Sainte-Lague method, on the basis of constituency list votes aggregated to the national level. Only parties whose constituency lists have won seats in at least five constituencies, and whose aggregated vote exceeds 5% of the aggregate national vote, are eligible to receive seats at this stage.
Inter-party Cartels (1a) LR-Hare --
Independent Lists (1b) Independent lists compete with inter-party cartels, with seats awarded by LR-Hare. --
Allied Lists (2) Seats awarded to inter-party cartels in step 1a are reallocated to the cartel's component lists by LR-Hare. --
Candidates (3) Seats awarded to lists in steps 1b and 2 are reallocated to the candidates on each list by plurality. (5) List order.
460-member Parliament (Sejm). 391 members are elected in the primary district, 69 at-large in the nation.