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Italy: Formulaic Matrix
Italy Primary Districts Secondary District (national)
Partisan Cartels -- (2) Seats unallocated in step 1 are aggregated at the national level and distributed by LR-Hare. Each cartel's vote is equal to the sum of the remainder votes of its associated constituency lists. A cartel's associated lists must win at least one constituency seat, and amass at least 300,000 votes nationwide, in order for the cartel to participate in the secondary seat allocation.
Lists (1) Each list gets as many seats as there are full Imperialii quotas contained in its vote. If this results in more seats being distributed than there are seats in the constituency, then each list gets as many seats as there are full Hagenbach-Bischoff quotas contained in its vote. (3) Seats awarded to partisan cartels in step 2 are reallocated to each cartel's component constituency lists in decreasing order of each list's remainder vote expressed as a percentage of its constituency's quota (calculated in step 1).
Candidates (4) Seats awarded to lists in step 1 and 3 are reallocated to each list's candidates, by plurality rule (based on the candidates' preference votes). --
630-member Chamber of Deputies (Camara dei Deputati)