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Iceland: Formulaic Matrix
Iceland Primary Districts Secondary District (national)
Partisan Cartels -- (2) Seats unallocated in step 1 are aggregated at the national level and distributed by PR-d'Hondt, on the basis of the cartels' national vote totals and taking into account seats already won in the constituencies. A cartel must win at least one constituency seat, in order to participate in the secondary seat allocation.
Lists (1) In each constituency [3M/4] seats (where [x] represents the least integer greater than or equal to x) are allocated by LR-Hare. Only parties whose vote exceeds 2/3 of the Hare quota (based on the votes of all parties) can participate in seat allocations. If any parties are eliminated, the quota is recomputed in terms of the votes of qualifying parties only. (3) Seats awarded to partisan cartels in step 2 are reallocated to each cartel's component constituency lists by a three-step process.
Candidates Seats awarded to lists in steps 1 and 3 are reallocated to each list's candidates, mostly in accord with list order. --
63-member General Assembly (Althing)