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Czech Republic: Formulaic Matrix
Czech Republic Primary Districts Secondary Districts (national)
National Lists -- (2)Seats not allocated in step 1 are allocated at the national level to national lists on the basis of the sum of each party's remainders in the constituencies, using LR-Hagenbach-Bischoff. Only parties garnering at least 5% of the national vote are eligible to receive seats at this stage. Coalitions of parties that submit joint lists must satisfy stricter requirements: coalitions of two, three, and four or more parties must garner at least 7%, 9%, and 11%, respectively.
Lists (1) Each list gets as many seats as its vote contains full Hagenbach-Bischoff quotas. (4) Seats allocated to national lists in step 3 are reallocated to the candidates on those lists according to thier list order.
Candidate (3) Seats allocated to constituency lists in step 1 are reallocated to the candidates on those lists according to their list order. However, if at least one tenth of those voting for the list have cast preference votes, then these are taken into account, and candidates receiving preference votes from more than 50% of those casting such votes are moved to the top of the list. --
200-member Chamber of Deputies. The system described is that used in the 1992 Czechoslovak elections.