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Bulgaria: Formulaic Matrix
Bulgaria Primary Districts Secondary Districts (national)
Partisan Cartels -- (2) The total number of seats to which a cartel is entitled is determined on the basis of list votes aggregated to the national level, using LR-Hare with a 4% national threshold. (1991 election.)
Lists (1) In 1991 at least, votes cast for constituency lists were pooled at the national level and no seats were allocated at the constituency level. (cf. Kuusela 1994, page 146) Technically, then, the constituencies did not count as primary electoral districts in 1991, and the system was similar to Holland's. I am not sure whether this system continued in 1994 or not. --
Candidate (4) Seats awarded to constituency lists in step 3 are reallocated to the candidates on those lists by list order. --