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                Results of Presidential Elections - 1 Round
                  (The Central Electoral Commission's data)

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                            12:07:59 Moscow time

Ballots cast by eligible voters: 69,81% - 75,744,244 voters

 Regional data for 100% counted ballots
 Candidat       votes' percentage*
 Zyuganov       32,03%
 Yeltsin        35,28%
 Zhirinovsky    5,7%
 Gorbachov      0,51%
 Yavlinsky      7,34%                  [Image]

 Lebed          14,52%
 Fyodorov       0,92%
 Shakkum        0,37%
 Bryntsalov     0,16%
 Vlasov         0,2%

* Votes' percentage is calculated from the number of voters in the
Presidential elections

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Information lists with the voting

Regional results

   + Siberia and Far East
   + Urals, Volga region, Russia's South
   + Cenral and North-Western part of Russia
   + Moscow and St.-Petersburg

Moscow Mayoral Elections Results

Report in photographs

Comments from candidates and experts

Voting chronicle, summing up the election results