Codebook for 1993 Australian Election Data

Variable NameExplanation
"year"Year in which the election was held.
"state"State in which the election was held.
"district"Name of the election district.
"enrolled"Number of enrolled (registered) voters in the district.
"lname"Last name of the candidate.
"fname"First name of the candidate.
"position"The candidate's position on the ballot.
"inc"Dichotomous variable taking the value of "1" if the candidate is the district's incumbent, "0" if otherwise.
"party"The party affiliation of the candidate.
"countn"The "round" of the electoral count which yields this entry's vote total for the candidate. Because Australian House elections run on a single transferrable vote system, many rounds of vote counts may be taken before one candidate gains a majority.
"votes"Absolute number of votes received by a candidate in a particular round of an election.